Was This Couple Fined For Sitting Together In Their Car?

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A video of a couple being issued a fine for sitting together in their car during the CMCO lockdown has gone viral!

Find out what happened, and if you can really get fined for sitting side-by-side in your own car!


Claim : This Couple Was FINED For Sitting Together In Their Car!

A video of a couple being issued a fine for sitting together in their car has gone viral on WhatsApp, together with this message :

Damn stupid. Silly another case just happened in Melaka. Malim – a husband & wife kena saman bcos wife sitting at front seat next to the husband.

Police says the 2nd person (even your wife) must seat behind. 🤬 Just got this news from my neighbour who just came back from malim.

People are sharing it as evidence that you can be fined for sitting side-by-side in a car.


No, They Were NOT Fined For Sitting Together In Their Car!

We had earlier debunked a similar hoax about people getting fined for sitting side-by-side in a car :

This is yet another hoax, and here are the facts…

Fact #1 : The Couple Was NOT Fined For Sitting Together In Their Car!

The man actually posted about the case on Facebook, claiming that he was issued the fine for letting his wife use her phone :

I was just given a summon by PDRM at Jalan Dato Md Zain. I ask the officer what’s my offence and according to him “Sebelah kiri pakai hphone”.

I said that was my wife using and why issue me summon as I am not using phone. He just said go attend court. I ask for proof and he said all are there when you attend court hearing.

I refuse to sign and the office® can just sign on behalf?

Anyone encounter such issue and what can be done?

Driver using smartphone while driving

Fact #2 : The Driver Was Fined For Using A Phone While Driving

The Melaka state police stated that the driver was issued the ticket at about 11:08 AM on 9 November 2020, for using his phone while driving.

The driver protested that it was his wife using the phone, but the police had seen the driver using the phone with his left hand about 250 metres before the roadblock.

The ticket lists the offence as “PANDU GUNA ALAT KOMUNIKASI” – driving while using a communications device.

Was This Couple Fined For Sitting Together In Car?

Fact #3 : Two Persons Are Allowed In / On A Vehicle

The Malaysian National Security Council (MKN) released three regional SOPs and later an updated SOP for Peninsular Malaysia states under CMCO / PKPB lockdown :

The earlier three SOPs state clearly that two persons per household are allowed to go out together to purchase food and essentials.

The latest Peninsular Malaysia SOP explicitly says that two persons per household are allowed to travel in or on a vehicle.

Note that there is no requirement for the passenger to sit behind the driver. It would have been an absurd and pointless rule anyway, since they are from the same household.

Peninsular Malaysia private car capacity limit

Fact #4 : There Is No Limit On Commercial Vehicles

According to the MKN SOPs, there is no new limit on vehicles carrying goods and providing essential services, including those involved in business and industrial activities.

The number of people in such vehicles are limited to what’s allowed by the commercial vehicle licence.

For example, if a delivery van is licensed for up to 3 people, then 3 people may sit together in that delivery van.

Fact #5 : Taxis + E-hailing Vehicles Are Limited To 2 Passengers

The MKN SOPs limit taxis and e-hailing vehicles to 2 passengers.

That means a total of 3 people are allowed in a car, and two of them will definitely be sitting side by side.

So it will not be logical for the police to issue a fine for people sitting side by side in any vehicle.

Fact #6 : No Requirement For A Passenger To Sit Behind The Driver

For the police to issue a fine, it must be specifically forbidden in the CMCO / PKPB SOP for two persons to sit side by side in a vehicle.

There is no such requirement in the CMCO / PKPB SOP, so it is not possible for the police to issue such a fine.


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