Man With COVID-19 Bracelet Caught Outside Jelutong Market

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A man on the last day of his COVID-19 quarantine was caught trying to enter the Jelutong Market today!


Man With COVID-19 Bracelet Caught Outside Jelutong Market

Guang Ming Daily reported that a man with a COVID-19 bracelet was caught outside the Jelutong Market at around 8 AM this morning.

The 50 year-old man was on the last day of his home quarantine, when he tried to sneak into the Jelutong Market by wearing a long-sleeved shirt to cover the pink bracelet.

He was caught when the RELA volunteer guarding the market asked him to pull up his sleeves for inspection.

Man With COVID-19 Bracelet Caught Outside Jelutong Market

The RELA volunteer immediately alerted the police, who took the man to the Perak Road government clinic for a check-up.

The dates on the bracelet showed that he was required to stay at home from 5 November until 16 November. But he just couldn’t wait another day.

Below are additional photos shared by netizens of the incident :

Man With COVID-19 Bracelet Caught Outside Jelutong Market


Jelutong Market COVID-19 Quarantine Flouter : Should You Be Concerned?

The Jelutong Market Traders Association assures everyone that the man posed no danger, since he was not allowed into the market.

We also do not if he is positive or negative for COVID-19.

However, if he ends up testing positive, he would have posed a risk to people queuing up to enter the market.

If he tests positive, Jelutong Market will have to conduct contact tracing, and those determined to be close contacts will have to self-quarantine and get tested for COVID-19.

Man With COVID-19 Bracelet Caught Outside Jelutong Market


COVID-19 Quarantine Bracelet : What Is It?

The Malaysia Ministry of Health mandates that those who are under quarantine must wear a COVID-19 quarantine bracelet.

Those under quarantine are not just those who came back from overseas. They can include those who had close contact with COVID-19 patients, or are in administrative MCO areas.

The bracelet will state the place and date of testing. The individual wearing it cannot remove the bracelet, and must stay at home until the quarantine period is over.

Malaysia COVID-19 bracelet

The only exception is if they are the head of the household and need to go out to purchase essential supplies. However, this is only if the other adults in the family are also under quarantine.

Despite the perception that COVID-19 quarantine uses pink bracelets, they come in five coloursred, pink, blue, white and yellow.

The colour of the bracelet depends on the stock available to a particular District Health Office.

Malaysia COVID-19 bracelet colours

The bracelet can only be cut by authorised officers at the District Health Office, after the wearers have completed their quarantine.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health has called for the public to report those who are seen in public with these quarantine bracelets.

However, the public should not name and shame them online, and just report them to the police, as they may have legitimate reasons to be out, like getting an antibody test.


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