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What Happens When A COVID-19 Close Contact Lies!

Pharmacist Choo Mei Yong just shared about an incident where a COVID-19 close contact lied about his status, and endangered everyone at her community clinic today!

Please learn from this incident, so we do NOT put other people’s lives in danger!


Why COVID-19 Close Contact + PUI Must Isolate Themselves

The COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is highly contagious, and even those who are asymptomatic can spread it to other people.

Hence, it is critical for Patients Under Investigation (PUI) and those who have been identified as Close Contacts to isolate themselves, and stay clear of other people.


What Happens When A COVID-19 Close Contact Lies!

Unfortunately, there are always selfish people who do not care about protecting others, and will lie about their status.

Pharmacist Choo Mei Yong just shared about an incident where a COVID-19 close contact lied about his status, and endangered everyone at her community clinic today!

This morning, a young man lied about his status as a Close Contact of a COVID-19 PUI (Patient Under Investigation) at multiple junctures at the community clinic, putting everyone there at risk, including…

When the young man admitted his status under repeated questioning, they had to clear everyone out to disinfect the whole clinic.

So, this is how my KK looked like at 9.57am today. And it’s not because there’s no one who come to seek treatment, but because of some idiotic people who just never learn from the current situation and have no common sense at all.

About half an hour before this photo was taken, I noticed a doctor rushed out from her office and a slight mess was going on. And the reason behind this mess, is a young man. A young man who slipped through all our screenings because he denied on everything the medical staffs asked. The screening at the entrance of clinic, the person who gave him his calling number, the nurse who screened his temperature and BP and all. He had so many chances to admit it, but he chose to hide it. Only upon several times of questioning from the doctor, he finally admitted that he’s a close contact of someone who is Covid-19 PUI (Patient Under Investigation). Following this, our staffs had to clear all the patients in the clinic while reviewing their risk of contracting the infection, and closed down temporarily for few hours to disinfect the whole area.

Please, please just have some sense of responsibility.

Hey boy, you are young. You are healthy. You think you’re fine. But did you know? There are also elderly and young children in the clinic seeking treatment, the nurse who screened your vital signs is a pregnant lady and the doctor who is trying to help you, you coughed right in her face. If you’re not a positive, we will all be grateful. But what if you are? Yes, you have a high chance of recovering from the infection because of your perfectly fine immune system. What about those who accidentally contracted the infection due to your irresponsible acts? If anything happens to them, will you be guilty for the rest of your life?

Please, just use your brain and think.

All of us here in the clinic are trying to help the people. We’re trying to share the burden, even though we’re not a big health facility. Due to some brainless retard, we had to shut down for few hours. Maybe that few hours wouldn’t help much for the current situation, but tiny little efforts count too, isn’t it?

Just too disappointed at some irresponsible and brainless human being. Dear Malaysians, are you still unaware of what’s going on and where it’s leading us to?


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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