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Watch : Two More COVID-19 Patients Recovers In Malaysia!

Watch : Two More COVID-19 Patients Recovers In Malaysia!

The Malaysia Ministry of Health just announced and released photos and a video of the Chinese husband and wife who have just recovered from COVID-19!

This brings the total number of COVID-19 patients who have fully recovered in Malaysia to 11, half of the 22 known COVID-19 patients!

Malaysia Boleh!


Watch : Two More COVID-19 Patients Recovers In Malaysia!

The Chinese couple who were just discharged (on 18 February 2020) are COVID-19 cases #7 and #8 who were treated at Hospital Permai in Johor Bahru.

Their discharge not only means half of known COVID-19 patients in Malaysia have fully recovered, it also means that there are NO MORE COVID-19 cases in the state of Johor, which borders Singapore.

The following are from the statement from Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, Director General of Health, Malaysia Ministry of Health :

Case 7 was admitted on 27/1/2020 and condition worsened due to severe hypoxia on Day 3 of admission . Chest radiography showed worsening pneumonia and he was started on lopinavir / Ritonavir 2 tabs twice daily on 30/1/2020 and added Oseltamivir on 3/2/2020 when he deteriorated further requiring High flow mask oxygen 15L/min .

On Day 9 of treatment he showed remarkable improvement weaning on the oxygen requirement until he was tested twice negative for COVID-19 and discharged today.

Case no 8 was his wife diagnosed when screening of the close contact . She was initially Asymptomatic at the time of screening. However symptoms appeared on Day 2 admission namely dry cough and sore throat, no fever. Her chest radiograph was clear.

Sample taken on 5/2/2020 showed COVID-19 negative. Nevertheless she wishes to stay on until her husband is discharged . We repeated her samples again when her husband has fully recovered and result is negative on two occasions. Both husband and wife consented to share their photos and video.

My heartfelt thank you to all MOH staff namely Dr Masliza Zaid Infection Disease Physician and team, the State Health Director Dr Aman Rabu and his public health team, Medical Specialists, Nurses and not forgetting the Medivest cleaners who courageously and diligently cleaned the isolation rooms and bathrooms.

There are no more positive patients in Johor Baru.

Congratulations and kudos to the Malaysia Ministry of Health, and the great Malaysian healthcare professionals! We look forward to the fully recovery of all COVID-19 patients in Malaysia!

Malaysia Boleh!


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

We all need to stop panicking. COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19) is new and scary, but we are more likely to be infected and killed by the influenza virus.

We just need to practice a few simple steps to stay safe :

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