COVID-19 in Malaysia : 1,203,706 Cases | 976,626 Healed | 10,019 Dead

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Malaysia reported a record 20,596 new COVID-19 cases and 164 deaths, but discharged 13,893 patients who fully recovered!

Here are the COVID-19 updates for Malaysia on 5 August 2021…


COVID-19 In Malaysia : 13,893 Patients Discharged!

On 5 August 2021, the Malaysia Ministry of Health announced that another 13,893 patients fully recovered from COVID-19, and were discharged today!

That means a total of 976,626 COVID-19 patients have fully recovered in Malaysia so far! That’s a recovery rate of 81.1%.


COVID-19 In Malaysia : 20,596 New Cases!

The third wave continues with a record 20,596 new COVID-19 cases in Malaysia!

This raises the total number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia to 1,203,706, with 217,061 active cases – a shocking increase of 6,539 cases!

They also shared that there are 9 additional patients in the ICU – 1,078 cases right now, but 4 fewer patients requiring respiratory support – 549 cases right now.

SELANGOR 8,549 442,574
WP KUALA LUMPUR 2,163 133,588
JOHOR 1,300 96,687
SABAH 1,062 89,910
SARAWAK 759 79,522
KEDAH 1,446 52,103
PULAU PINANG 1,022 49,939
KELANTAN 772 46,695
PERAK 916 41,665
MELAKA 622 34,153
PAHANG 426 27,199
TERENGGANU 501 19,213
WP LABUAN 15 9,698
PERLIS 4 756
TOTAL 20,596 1,203,706

COVID-19 in Malaysia : 1,203,706 Cases | 976,626 Healed | 10,019 Dead


COVID-19 In Malaysia : Cases Breakdown By State

Here is the breakdown of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, according to states.

Selangor is at the top with 442,574 cases, followed by Kuala Lumpur with 133,588 cases, Johor with 96,687 cases, and Sabah with 89,910 cases.

Malaysia COVID-19 2021-08-05 cases 02


COVID-19 In Malaysia : 164 Deaths Today

The Malaysia Ministry of Health announced 164 deaths today!

That means a total of 10,019 people have died from COVID-19 – a mortality rate of 0.83%.

Malaysia COVID-19 2021-08-05 deaths

COVID-19 in Malaysia : 224 Healthcare Workers Infected


Day 86 Of MCO 3.0 In Malaysia

Today marks the 86th day of the MCO 3.0 which will last indefinitely.

Under MCO 3.0, inter-district and interstate travel are forbidden, but businesses are allowed to operate, subject to SOP.

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New CMCO SOP (December 2020) For Peninsular Malaysia


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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