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COVID-19 in Malaysia : Chow Kit Locked Down!

The Malaysian government just locked down the area around the Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur, and some residential areas in Selayang!


COVID-19 in Malaysia : Chow Kit Locked Down!

On 5 May 2020, the Malaysian government announced “administrative restrictions” for these areas in Chow Kit and Selayang :

Chow Kit        : Jalan Raja Bot

Selayang       : Taman Wilayah, Taman Desa Bakti

Originally, it was assumed that they declared a new Enhanced MCO around these areas, but it was later clarified that they were just “administrative restrictions”.

In these areas, residents will have their swab samples taken and tested for COVID-19, and movement in and out of the area will be tightly controlled.

In addition, the Malaysian government extended the EMCO for Parcels C, D, E and F in the Selayang Baru EMCO until 12 May 2020.


Chow Kit Lockdown Pictures

Here are some photos taken by Malaysian netizens of the Chow Kit lockdown :


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