COVID-19 Racists Attacked Student On Oxford Street!

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A group of racists attacked a Singaporean student on Oxford Street, due to ignorance and fear of the COVID-19 coronavirus!

The student, Jonathan Mok, is now seeking eyewitnesses to the assault, which fractured some of the bones in his face.


COVID-19 Racists Attacked Student On Oxford Street!

Jonathan Mok, a Singaporean student who has lived in London for the past two years, was attacked by a group of racists in the middle of London on 24 February 2020.

COVID-19 Racists Attacked Student On Oxford Street!

At around 9:15 PM, Jonathan Mok walked past a group of young men on Oxford Street, when one of them said something to him.

He could only catch the word ‘coronavirus’, and when he starred back in shock, the man shouted, “Don’t you dare look at me, you ____” and without warning, attacked him.

Within 3 seconds, he was in my face, together with 3/4 other young men, and a young lady (all of whom seemed no older than 20 years old, but were all more than a head taller than me).

I was shocked and angry because he directed a racist remark at me and had the audacity to shout at me like I had wronged him.

All of a sudden, the first punch was swung at my face and took me by surprise. When I was still shocked by the first hit, the guy delivered the second sucker punch.

Jonathan Mok Singaporean Student Attacked On Oxford Street!

A few passers-by tried to stop the assault, but the racists continued to attack him, eventually landing another blow :

The guy who tried to kick me then said, ‘I don’t want your coronavirus in my country’, before swinging another sucker punch at me, which resulted in my face exploding with blood (from my nose), where the blood was splattered all across the pavement.

After being treated at the Q&E, he was told that he suffered a few fractures in his face, and might need to undergo reconstructive surgery to fix some of the bones.

He pointed out that it was not the first time he was subject to racism in London though :

I’ve studied in London for the past 2 years and every year, I am subjected to racist remarks (whether innocent or made with malice). To those people who told me that London isn’t racist, think again.

Jonathan Mok Singaporean Student Attacked On Oxford Street!

But in spite of the racism that sparked the violent assault, Jonathan Mok also shared that several passersby stopped to help him, including a lady who recorded a video of the attack and called the police.

He is also calling for anyone else who witnessed, or have any photos or videos of, the attack that happened on Monday night (24 February 2020) at Oxford Street, right across Primark at Tottenham Court Road, to please contact the Met Police UK.


COVID-19 : It’s Not An Asian Disease, You Racists!

Any well-travelled person will tell you – people are idiots, all over the world. And the English are no exception.

It is sad, but not unexpected, that ignorant people believe that COVID-19 is an Asian disease because it originated in Wuhan, China.

Many of us know how asinine that is, but look – people are generally rather ignorant, and racism plays a significant part in the current spate of racism.

COVID-19 has somehow empowered them to blatantly demonstrate their racism, in both remarks and physical attacks.

To those who say that, “it’s just a small minority and does not reflect our country,” – that may be true, but you need to stand up against racism and ignorance.

To those who have been affected by this racism, please remember that this is a reflection on their character, not yours. Lift your heads up high, and never be ashamed of who you are!


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