Travel For COVID-19 Vaccination Do NOT Need Police Permit!

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Please note that a police permit is NOT required for people travelling to receive their COVID-19 vaccination!

Here are the details!


Why Need Police Permit For COVID-19 Vaccination???

When the Malaysian government announced the imposition of MCO restrictions on six districts in Selangor, it was announced that interstate and inter-district travel was FORBIDDEN for those districts, except for emergencies and work.

Emergencies, including seeking medical treatment and in cases of death, would require police permission as per the MCO SOP; while work would require a worker’s pass or employer’s letter.

This would mean that those who received their COVID-19 vaccination appointments in other districts, or volunteered to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine would have to request for a police permit, in order to travel to their vaccination centres!

Travel For COVID-19 Vaccination Do NOT Need Police Permit!


Police Permit NOT Required For COVID-19 Vaccination!

Fortunately, National Immunisation Programme Coordinating Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, quickly clarified that you do NOT need police permission.

Just show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination appointment at the district boundaries. This can be on MySejahtera, the COVID-19 vaccination website, or the SMS.


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