What Happens When COVID-19 Patient Lies : Doctor Infected!

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This is what every doctor fears when a COVID-19 patient lies – that they would get infected.

Sadly, a doctor shared how she was infected with COVID-19 by an asymptomatic patient who lied about being sick.

Please DO NOT ever lie to our healthcare professionals. Don’t put our last line of defence in jeopardy!


When A COVID-19 Patient Lies To Get Into A Hospital…

On 23 December 2020, Nur Marini Zainal shared how she was infected with COVID-19 after an asymptomatic patient lied about being sick.

The patient, who came to her hospital for a CT scan, claimed he was not sick when he was screened at the entrance. At that time, he did not have a fever either.

Nur Marini was the doctor who prepared the patient for his CT scan, including explaining the procedure and setting up the IV line and so on.

But they got a shock when the CT scan came in – his lungs looked like that of a COVID-19 patient!

What Happens When COVID-19 Patient Lie : Doctor Infected!
Nuclear medicine department at Hospital Kuala Lumpur


What Happens When COVID-19 Patient Lie : Doctor Infected!

After further questioning, the patient finally admitted that he was sick for a week with a cough and fever. He only started feeling better enough to come for his CT scan appointment.

He was tested for COVID-19, and confirmed to be positive for COVID-19 two days later.

Nur Marini was considered a low-risk contact because they were both wearing surgical masks, and she was only close to him for less than 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, she was not wearing full PPE (like these healthcare workers in this sample picture below) because they are in short supply and limited to those treating high-risk patients.

What Happens When COVID-19 Patient Lie : Doctor Infected!

Even though she was not required to take a COVID-19 test or self-quarantine, she nevertheless got tested for her own peace of mind.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 test came back positive two days later, and she was immediately quarantined.

What Happens When COVID-19 Patient Lie : Doctor Infected!

Naturally, she was very sad when she received the positive results for COVID-19, because :

  • she would have to be separated from her children and husband during the quarantine
  • she was worried about infecting her family and colleagues during the past 2 days
  • she was disappointed in her patient who lied about being sick

This is why you should NEVER lie to any healthcare worker about being sick. It doesn’t matter if they are a doctor, a nurse, or even the healthcare assistant screening you at the hospital entrance. DO NOT LIE!


Over 1,800 Healthcare Workers Infected With COVID-19

As of 21 December 2020, the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM) screened over 52,000 healthcare workers and 1,880 of them turned out to be positive for COVID-19.

This is the risk that every healthcare worker treating COVID-19 patient have to put up with, with 33% of these infections alone from infected colleagues.

These healthcare workers are our LAST LINE OF DEFENCE. We need to protect them, and the least we can do is be honest!


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