Credit Card Scam Using Survey At AEON Big – UPDATED!

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The Company Behind All This


Wendy revealed to us the name of the company that operated the stall – Arrowmex Power Sdn. Bhd. We did some sleuthing and discovered that Arrowmex Power Sdn. Bhd. (SSM Reg. 1039794-M) sold appliances under the brand Valerio. Here is their website showing the products they sell.

This is the website of the company behind the incident
This is the website of the company behind the incident

Their halogen digital air fryer was probably what she was offered in the coupon. At RM 3,199, their air fryer has to be the most expensive air fryer in the world. You can get a Philips air fryer for less than half the price!

Frankly, we don’t see how these products can sell in Malaysia, especially when branded appliances can be had for far less. That is probably why they have to resort to such schemes to sell them.


Wendy’s Post

For the record, this was Wendy Tong’s original post on her experience. We thank her for sharing with us her story, and we would like to take this opportunity to repeat her advice :

Do not give out your credit card unless you’re buying from a legitimate seller/ merchant.

Wendy's original post on Facebook. Wendy Tong / Facebook
Wendy’s original post on Facebook. Wendy Tong / Facebook

Be sure to warn your family and friends about this kind of scam. Do let them be taken advantage of!

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