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Credit Card Scam Using Survey At AEON Big – UPDATED!

Credit Card Scam Using Survey At AEON Big

Credit Card Scam Using Survey At AEON Big

Credit Card Scam Details Updated!


Updated @ 12/8/2015 :

We checked in with Wendy again on her case. She informed us that AEON BiG terminated the company’s tenancy and will no longer allow them to do business there again. However, she has not heard from the police about her case.

Updated @ 6/8/2015 :

We reached out to Wendy Tong, and she kindly shared her story in much greater detail.

Thanks to her, we were able to update this article with new information and pictures. We have also posted information on the company that did this. Check it out!

FYI, there is a DIFFERENT SCAM involving AEON BiG. Take a look here!


How This Credit Card Scam Happened

This new credit card scam uses a survey and gift redemption as bait. The company that did this has since vacated the stall but they are likely to repeat this elsewhere, so be warned! Let your family and friends know!

On the 4th of August 2015, the victim Wendy Tong was approached by a promoter at a small stall in the AEON Big Mall in Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam. She was asked to fill in a survey form on green products. She kindly acquiesced even though she was on the way to the gym. At the end of the survey, the promoter started to introduce the products her company was selling. Another promoter then joined in.

Wendy reminded both of them that she was in a hurry, so they gave her a coupon as a gift. The coupon was for an air fryer (or a similar appliance) and said that she could use points from her BonusLink / BCard / VisaAMEX cards to redeem it. Because Wendy wasn’t sure how many points she had, the promoter offered to help her check.

Credit Card Scam Using Survey At AEON Big – Wendy Tong / Facebook

Wendy handed over her HSBC credit card to check. While they “checked”, one of them took out a form and started filling it up even though Wendy never agreed to redeem anything. She heard SMSes coming in but didn’t check her phone because she was in a rush. They packed some of their products and asked her to take them with her. She refused and went up to the gym.

It was at the gym when she checked her messages to discover the two SMSes stating that two transactions of over RM 6,000 were just charged to her HSBC credit card!

Credit Card Scam Using Survey At AEON Big – Wendy Tong / Facebook
Wendy immediately went down to the stall to confront the promoter who attended to her. Another promoter attended to her instead, claiming that that was how the point redemption works – “you see the amount there and it will not show in your statement after 3 days“. However, she never authorised any redemption!

She demanded that they cancel the two transactions. One of the guys at the stall took her HSBC card to try and cancel the transactions. Little did she know that he actually used it to swipe 3 more transactions on it!

The man claimed he couldn’t cancel the transactions, and with her gym class starting, Wendy decided to go up first. She told them she would be back to deal with them later.

Credit Card Scam Using Survey At AEON Big – Wendy Tong / Facebook

After her gym class, Wendy called HSBC to discover that there were actually five transactions in total. Fortunately, HSBC automatically blocked the card after the third transaction of over RM 200 went through, saving her from the other two transactions of over RM 3,000.

The HSBC officer then gave her refund approval codes to void the transactions performed by the company handling the stall, and she went back to the stall to confront them. The lady who first approached her for the survey was no longer there. Instead, two men attended to her and started to claim that it was the fault of the new staff.

She got furious because these illegal charges to her card were performed by two different people at two different times. So she shouted and threatened to call the police, at which point, they agreed to help her void those transactions. She called the bank to verify that those transactions were cancelled. By the time her ordeal was over, the guys at the stall had already packed up their stuff and left.

They immediately packed up their stuff and cleared out their stall! Wendy Tong / Facebook

Later, she found out from the next stall that such incidents have been happening at the same stall every day. Wendy has this golden piece of advice for everyone :

Do not give out your credit card unless you’re buying from a legitimate seller/ merchant.

We cannot agree more!

In the next page, we will reveal the company behind this incident.

Wendy revealed to us the name of the company that operated the stall – Arrowmex Power Sdn. Bhd. We did some sleuthing and discovered that Arrowmex Power Sdn. Bhd. (SSM Reg. 1039794-M) sold appliances under the brand Valerio. Here is their website showing the products they sell.

This is the website of the company behind the incident

Their halogen digital air fryer was probably what she was offered in the coupon. At RM 3,199, their air fryer has to be the most expensive air fryer in the world. You can get a Philips air fryer for less than half the price!

Frankly, we don’t see how these products can sell in Malaysia, especially when branded appliances can be had for far less. That is probably why they have to resort to such schemes to sell them.


Wendy’s Post

For the record, this was Wendy Tong’s original post on her experience. We thank her for sharing with us her story, and we would like to take this opportunity to repeat her advice :

Do not give out your credit card unless you’re buying from a legitimate seller/ merchant.

Wendy’s original post on Facebook. Wendy Tong / Facebook

Be sure to warn your family and friends about this kind of scam. Do let them be taken advantage of!

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