Dabbing : Does It Turn Teenagers Into Devil Worshippers?

Instead of railing against corruption and crime, some Muslim writers are focusing their religious ire on dabbing. Yes, DABBING, of all things.

In fact, they claim that the trend of dabbing is turning children into devil worshippers!

Dabbing : Does It Turn Teenagers Into Devil Worshippers?

According to these writers, it is “haram” and unbelievably, they believe it’s a Jewish and Christian plot to lead innocent Muslim children astray. I shit you not.


Dabbing Is Devil Worship

These Muslim writers are claiming that dabbing is a dance that worships the devil.

One even creatively suggested that the word “DAB” stood for “Demons Are Bright“. The same blogger believes that it is an insidious Jewish and Christian plot to lure gullible Muslim children into converting to their religions.

  • Dabbing - Demons Are Bright
  • Oh My Media dabbing hoax
  • Dabbing - devil worshipping?

One Malay blog, Oh My Media, also bizarrely segued into a criticism of the “sign of the horns” gesture, claiming that rockers were using it to worship the devil during rock concerts.

So in addition to dabbing, we will have to debunk their absurd claim that the “sign of the horns” is also a way to worship the devil.


What’s Dabbing?

Dabbing is a dance move, in which “the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble sneezing“.

The dance itself is called the Dab.

A group of teens dabbing | Credit : Wikimedia Commons

Like twerking, dabbing is a modern dance move. In fact, it originated in the Atlanta hip-hop scene around 2012, but only came into prominence in 2015.


Dabbing Is NOT Giving The Dap!

One Omani writer disagreed with us, claiming that the Dab originated in the Vietnam War amongst black soldiers. Unfortunately, she confused the Dab with the Dap.

Now they sound the same, but they are really quite different. We will let former US President Barack Obama demonstrate how he gives the dap

Barack Obama giving dap

And we will let Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin show you how they give each other the dap.

Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin giving dap

However, dabbing can be part of giving a dap… Confused? LOL!


Dabbing Did NOT Originate In Egypt!

In any case, dabbing is certainly NOT an ancient way to worship the Egyptian gods.

The picture used to claim that it was used to worship the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses was actually cropped from a February 2016 drawing that was posted in 4chan on the We Wuz Kingz topic.

Dabbing - We Wuz Kingz

We Wuz Kingz (also Kangz n Shiet) pokes fun at the Black Egyptian Hypothesis that claims that Egypt was a Black civilisation and the pharaohs were Africans.

The picture is satire. By showing the pharaoh doing the Dab, the artist is pointing out how absurdity of the Black Egyptian Hypothesis claim.

The writers who falsely claimed it as evidence that dabbing was used to worship Egyptian gods are FULLY AWARE of this, because guess what – they always crop out the bottom half showing a modern black youth doing the dab!


Sign Of The Horns

The sign of the horns was popularised by Ronnie James Dio of the heavy metal band, Heaven & Hell and the rock band Black Sabbath.

However, it was not a sign worshipping the devil, even though the Kitab al-Bulhan (Book of Wonders) did depict Satan using the gesture.

  • Ronnie James Dio showing sign of the horns | Credit : rjforster from Worcester, UK
  • Karana Mudra | Credit : Janetti Marotta, PhD

Like the pentagram, it was misunderstood to be a sign of the devil. In the Italian culture, the sign of the horns is a protective gesture like the pentagram.

Called el corna, it was used traditionally to ward off the “evil eye” (mallocio). Dio actually copied it from his Italian grandmother who always used it.

The sign of the horns is also used by Hindus and Buddhists. The hand gesture is called “Karana Mudrā“, and is used to “expel demons” and remove “sickness or negative thoughts“.


Lying Is A Sin In Islam

Whether the Dab is a good or decent dance is a matter of opinion. What is NOT a matter of opinion though is whether dabbing is a devil worshipping dance. It most certainly is not.

Muslim writers, small or large, should always remember that lying is a sin in Islam, whenever they write about other religions.

In fact, it is considered the most wicked of crimes. Here are selected quotes from the Quran on lying and making false accusations :

“The curse of Allah be upon him if he should be among the liars.” [Quran 24:7]

“Indeed Allah does not guide one who is a transgressor and a liar.” [Quran 40:28]

“Do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it].” [Quran 2:42]

These naughty Muslim writers would do well to remember them, and STOP making up false stories to instigate hatred and division.


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  1. Ahmed

    In order to work towards balanced objectivity is definitely a praiseworthy & necessary aim.
    I think that dabbing may well be a form of corruption of society, as it has been linked to an action of snorting drugs & glamourising it in a similar way misogyny e.g. Ubiquitous “hoes” epithet for females.

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