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Diamond : Cause Of Death Not COVID-19 Or Vaccine!

The official cause of death for Diamond of Diamond and Silk has been revealed, and it was not COVID-19!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Diamond of Diamond and Silk Died From COVID-19!

Lynette Hardaway – better known as Diamond of the political commentator duo Diamond and Silk, died amidst rumours that she was battling COVID-19.

Because they also pushed anti-vaccination and COVID-19 misinformation, her death was chalked up to their refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Lynette Hardaway, aka ‘Diamond’ from the MAGA Trump supporting duo Diamond and Silk, died from contracting what she called ‘a hoax’ better known as COVID-19. The irony is palpable.

Diamond —of the right-wing, Trump- loving duo Diamond and Silk— has died. In late November, she was hospitalized due to COVID-19. The duo was fired by Fox News a couple years ago for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines. You cannot script this stuff.

Diamond died from Covid? Then Silk monetized it? This is MAGA Platinum level right here. Bravo 👏

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Truth : Lynette Hardaway / Diamond Did Not Die From COVID-19

Lynette Hardaway, better known as Diamond of the political commentator duo, Diamond and Silk, died on January 8, 2023.

Her sister, Rochelle Richardson – better known as Silk, announced her death, while asking for donations:

The World just lost a True Angel and Warrior Patriot for Freedom, Love, and Humanity! Please respect the privacy of Diamond’s family! Memorial Ceremony TBA. Contributions towards Preserving Diamond’s Legacy are only being accepted at the following link:

While Diamond dying from COVID-19 would seem like a fitting, if ironic, end for someone who pushed COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation, there is currently no actual evidence she died from COVID-19.

Most social media users based their opinions on a Blavity article, which has now been made private or deleted. And it was not even the actual source!

From the little I could get from the (now removed) Blavity article, I determined that their source was an article by Ny MaGee on Lee Bailey’s eurweb (Everything Urban + Radioscope) website, which said:

Lynette Hardaway, famously known as Diamond of Diamond and Silk, is reportedly battling COVID and was allegedly hospitalized amid the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Anyone who believes in the power of prayer please pray for Diamond,” Diamond’s sister Silk [Rochelle Richardson] wrote on her Twitter page on Saturday.

But that article did not offer any evidence for that claim, and even stated that “Silk didn’t share details about Diamond’s ailments“.

It instead referred to a Sandro Rose article as the source for the claim that “the internet star’s health worsened while recovering from COVID.

The Sandra Rose article originally claimed on November 17, 2022, that Diamond was reportedly hospitalised with COVID-19 after celebrating Thanksgiving with her family.

Diamond (left), of Internet stars Diamond and Silk, was reportedly hospitalized with Covid-19 after celebrating Thanksgiving with her family.

Diamond, real name Lynnette Hardaway, coughed throughout their Chit Chat Live video on Lindell TV, November 17.

She didn’t disclose Diamond’s ailment. But sources say Diamond’s condition worsened while recovering from COVID.

However, Sandra Rose removed the claim that Diamond was hospitalised for COVID-19 on 1 December 2022, but maintained she coughed throughout the Chit Chat Live video on November 17, 2022. She also removed the part about her condition worsening.

Rochelle Richardson, aka Silk of Diamond & Silk (right), took to to ask for prayers for her ailing sister Lynette Hardaway, aka Diamond (left).

Diamond coughed throughout their Chit Chat Live video on Lindell TV, November 17 (Watch video below). She didn’t disclose Diamond’s ailment in her tweet.

In summary – the trail for Diamond’s death by COVID-19 claim ends with now-amended Sandra Rose article. It only gained credibility as more websites quoted or used the Sandra Rose claim, but as you can see – it was never based on actual evidence.


Silk + Mike Lindell Denies Diamond Died From COVID-19…

On January 11, Silk spoke out against the claims that her sister, Diamond, died from COVID-19.

I will NOT allow you or any other MOFO the opportunity to disparage, slander & lie on my sister & I.

Where’s your proof that my sister was ever hospitalized due to Covid and that we were fired from Fox?

Investigate Before You Celebrate! You have until 12 noon today to retract.

However, she noticeably did not explicitly deny that her sister died from COVID-19. She only asked for proof that her sister was ever hospitalised due to COVID-19.

Hypothetically, Diamond could have been hospitalised for some other ailment, but contracted COVID-19 at the hospital and died from its complications. Or she may have died at home from COVID-19 complications.

Mike Lindell – the CEO of MyPillow and a friend of the sisters – stated that “Diamond was not sick before she died“, but “just collapsed” suddenly “out of the blue“.

It’s very tragic because it’s one of the saddest thing. To have something happen like that just out of the blue — I can’t say enough words. It’s tragic.

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Silk Suggested Diamond Was Poison By Vaccinated People!

On Saturday, January 21, 2023, a three-hour memorial service was held for Lynette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway in North Carolina, with many MAGA and conservative celebrities attending.

Her memorial turned out to be truly memorable, with her sister, Silk, suggesting that her sister, Diamond, was poisoned by… vaccinated people!

What Silk has alluded to is what anti-vaccination activists are calling “vaccine shedding”. In reality – vaccine shedding only occurs with the attenuated vaccine technology, which is not used by any COVID-19 vaccines.

Instead, that is how COVID-19 spreads. One person gets infected, and he/she infects other people, who go on to infect more people. Unlike a real virus, vaccines cannot replicate and spread to other people.


AP Confirmed Diamond Died Of Heart Disease

Despite widespread speculation about how Diamond died, her family refused to reveal her cause of death, fuelling further speculation that they were trying to conceal an inconvenient truth.

It is ironic that they faced this decision, since many anti-vaccination activists have long mocked families for not revealing how their vaccinated loved ones “really died”. Most recently, they harassed CTV News reporter Jessica Cobb for refusing to reveal her medical condition after she appeared to faint on air.

But we finally can lay all speculation to rest.

On January 24, 2023, the Associated Press obtained a copy of Diamond’s death certificate, which confirmed Lynette Hardaway died of heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure (hypertension).

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