Director-General of Information Maligns Teresa Kok

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The Malaysian Director-General of InformationDato’ Haji Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, keeps getting caught making false claims. This time, he falsely accused Seputeh Member of Parliament, Teresa Kok, of posting false news, and slighting the Malays.

Jambatan runtuh sebelah Sogo. Ini tanda kerajan Melayu di Malaysia juga bakal runtuh.

Here is the English translation :

Bridge collapsed next to Sogo. This is a sign that the Malay government in Malaysia will collapse soon.

To top it off, he taunted Jelutong Member of Parliament, Jeff Ooi, about it, saying :

Jeff Oii… lu mau kata apa. Ini confirm fitnah DAP. Accident di Jln Kucing dikatakan jambatan runtuh

Here is the English translation :

Jeff Oii [sic]… what else do you want to say? This is a DAP lie. Calling an accident in Jalan Kuching a fallen bridge.

Take a look at Dato’ Haji Ibrahim Abdul Rahman‘s post. Note that he posted the picture directly. It was not shared from someone else’s post. Neither did he attribute it to someone else. For all intents and purposes, he was posting what looks like a screenshot of Teresa Kok’s Twitter post.Director-General of Information Maligns Teresa Kok

Right after posting it, Dato’ Haji Ibrahim Abdul Rahman immediately shared the screenshot again to his own Facebook Wall. It was this share that garnered the most comments :Director-General of Information Maligns Teresa Kok

As you can see, they were offended by the comment that “Ini tanda kerajan Melayu di Malaysia juga bakal runtuh. [This is a sign that the Malay government in Malaysia will collapse soon.]” To them, it was an affront to their race – precisely why they should have realised that it was not true.


Teresa Kok Never Posted That Tweet

If these keyboard warriors actually spent a little time to check her Twitter feed, they would realise that Teresa Kok never said such a thing. A quick check would reveal that the tweet isn’t present in her Twitter feed.

Of course, she could have deleted it. That’s why we compared one of her recent posts (with a picture) and compared it to the purported screenshot posted by Dato’ Haji Ibrahim Abdul Rahman. See if you can spot the problem. 😀


Teresa Kok's latest tweets as of 6th of September 2015

Here, let us help you compare the header of Teresa Kok’s actual Twitter post, and the header of the fake Twitter post Dato’ Haji Ibrahim Abdul Rahman shared.

Comparison of the real and fake tweets by Teresa Kok

It appears that whoever created that fake tweet used an older header. The current Twitter header features a larger icon and name. It also uses a flat Follow icon that lacks the Follow word, instead of a Follow button.


Teresa Kok Confirmed That It Was Not Her Tweet

Even if we ignore all that technical inspection of the tweet, it should have been quite obvious that the tweet was suspicious. If they used even a little common sense, they would realise that it would have been political suicide for any politician, especially one of Chinese ethnicity, to make such a racially provocative statement.

Although I was very sure that Teresa Kok never posted that tweet, I took the last step of verifying it with her. And sure enough, she confirmed that it was not her tweet :

Fake posting ….
This is not the first time the enemy is fooling me.

So there you have it – ample evidence that the Director-General of Information, Dato’ Haji Ibrahim Abdul Rahman has yet again posted misinformation. He seems to be a big fan or student of Iraqi Information Minister, Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, commonly known as Comical Ali or Baghdad Bob. 😀

Comical Ali saying I have taught you well, my son

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