DNA In Cow’s Milk Makes Children Hot-Tempered Hoax!

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The Real Scientific Facts On Cow's Milk & DNA


In this page, we will take a look at the scientific facts behind cow’s milk and DNA.


Cow’s Milk Has No DNA

Milk does not technically contain DNA. Like breast milk, cow’s milk is a mix of lipids (fats), protein and carbohydrates together with minerals and vitamins.

None of its constituents contain DNA. However, some cells from the cow will end up in the milk. These cells contain DNA.


DNA Is Denatured By Consumption

When you consume anything with DNA (meat, for example), it will get digested and reduced to its most basic constituents to be absorbed by the body.

See? Cows are not violent creatures... :D
See? Cows are not violent creatures… 😀

So DNA will be broken down to its constituents – monosaccharides, phosphate, nitrogen, etc, which are then absorbed by our intestines. DNA will never be absorbed in its entirety.

Bovine cells (and the DNA they contain) are also denatured by heating processes like pasteurisation. Approximately 50% of DNA is denatured at 90°C, so high-temperature pasteurisation processes like UHT (140°C for 4 seconds) will irreparably damage DNA.


DNA Of Different Species Are Incompatible

There are examples of bacterial and viral species exchanging or incorporating foreign DNA. But when it comes to mammals, we cannot simply absorb DNA and incorporate them into our own DNA.

Any foreign cells that enters our bloodstream are identified by our immune system as foreign and destroyed.


We Do Not Become What We Eat

It’s often said that we are what we eat, but we certainly do not become what we eat. If that’s true, then some of us would have fins and gills, while others would have horns and tails.

If consuming DNA in cow’s milk gives us “cow-like” behaviour, then logically, the only thing we can consume if we want to remain human would be … HUMAN MEAT. LOL…


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