Did Donald Trump Mistake Maradona For Madonna? šŸ˜‚

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The Internet is laughing atĀ US President Donald TrumpĀ for apparentlyĀ mistaking Maradona for Madonna!

Find out what’s going on, and what the facts really are!


Did Donald Trump Mistake Maradona For Madonna? šŸ˜‚

A screenshot of US President Donald Trump’s tweet about Diego Maradona’s death has gone viral on social media.

It showed him mistaking theĀ Argentinian footballer for Madonna, the American singer-songwriter.

Very sad to hear about the death of Maradona. A great person. Her music was wonderful. I remember listening to her albums in the early 1980’s. Rest In Peace!

Did Donald Trump Mistake Maradona For Madonna? šŸ˜‚


Donald Trump Could Have Mistaken Maradona For Madonna, But He Didn’t Post That

Donald Trump isn’t the brightest bulb in the White House, and that tweet sounds very much like something he would post.

However,Ā there is no evidence it was actually posted by the outgoing US President.Ā Here is what we know so far…

Fact #1 :Ā He Has Been Focused On The Elections And Michael Flynn

From the time Diego Maradona’s death was announced, it appears that Donald Trump was focused on postingĀ fake news about the US Presidential elections, andĀ pardoning Michael Flynn.

There was no mention of anything else, never mind Maradona or Madonna…

  • Donald Trump sample tweet - Election rigged
  • Donald Trump sample tweet - Michael Flynn pardon

Fact #2 :Ā The Donald Trump Tweet Appears To Be Edited

The Donald Trump tweet about Maradona appears to be edited. If you compare that viral tweet with the other two samples above, you will note that :

  • his Twitter handle is truncated and placed on the right side, instead of under his name
  • the tweet lacks a time and date stamp, andĀ the Twitter for iPhone label
  • it has A LOT more retweets, comments and likes than older and more controversial tweets

All of which point to an edited tweet…

With about half a million retweets and comments, you would have expected more screenshots. Yet, that is the only screenshot being shared on the Internet…

Fact #3 :Ā The Press Did NOT Confirm The Tweet

Donald Trump has many followers, many of them members of the press who follow him to cover his many ridiculous tweets.

Yet not one member of the press has actually seen and confirmed that Donald Trump posted the tweet. We certainly did not see it.

Fact #4 :Ā Scott Morrison Was Also Victim Of Similar Hoax

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was also a victim of aĀ similar hoax, with a fake tweet on Madonna’s death going viral.

Fact #5 :Ā Many People Are Mistaking Maradona For Madonna

It is, of course, not inconceivable for Donald Trump to mistaken Maradona for Madonna.

After all, even ordinary netizens have been posting messages of condolences about Madonna’s premature death…

Let us be very clear. The Argentinian footballer,Ā Diego Maradona (left)Ā is the one who died. Not the American singer-songwriter,Ā Madonna (right).

Did Donald Trump Mistake Maradona For Madonna? šŸ˜‚


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