Was Donald Trump Queen Elizabeth II’s Favourite President?!

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Was Donald Trump really Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite US President?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Donald Trump Was Queen Elizabeth II’s Favourite President?!

US conservatives and fans of Donald Trump have been excitedly promoting the claim that the former US President was Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite!

It started, at least in a big way, when Newsmax anchor Greg Kelley made the claim while announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Greg Kelley also claimed that “this was the most genuine relationship with an American president that she had” and that “the affection was mutual“.

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Was Donald Trump Queen Elizabeth II's Favourite President?!


Donald Trump Was Unlikely Queen Elizabeth II’s Favourite President!

This is really nothing more than hyperbole, if not fake news, by Greg Kelly and Trump fans… and here are the reasons why.

Fact #1 : Queen Elizabeth II Met 13 US Presidents

First, let us establish some basic facts about Queen Elizabeth II and US Presidents.

Through her long seven-decade reign, she met with 13 out of the last 14 US Presidents, starting with Harry Truman and ending with Joe Biden.

The only US President she did not meet was Lyndon Johnson, who did not visit the United Kingdom during his presidency.

Fact #2 : Queen Elizabeth II Never Expressed A Preference… Officially

Queen Elizabeth II was famous for her discretion during her official duties, and never said anything controversial about any US President.

She certainly did not mention any particular preference for any US President, at least officially.

Fact #3 : Donald Trump Repeatedly Asked Queen Elizabeth II

Of all of the thirteen US Presidents to meet Queen Elizabeth II, only Donald Trump was vain (and foolish) enough to repeatedly ask her who was her favourite President.

I’ll never forget, I’d say, “Who was your favourite President?’ And she’d say, ‘I liked them all, I liked every one of them.

Fact #4 : Queen Elizabeth II Said To Leave Indirect Clues

Much has been said about the indirect messages Queen Elizabeth II conveyed through her attire, her gifts and the decoration of the room where she met dignitaries.

For example, she notably wore yellow and had yellow flowers in her drawing room when she met with Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak on 14 July 2011.

It was seen as an indirect nod towards the Bersih movement for free and fair elections in Malaysia, which used yellow as its official colour.

In fact, anti-Najib protestors also wore yellow and carried yellow signs when they protested outside the Mansion House in London, where Najib Razak was due for a meeting with the business community there.

Was Donald Trump Queen Elizabeth II's Favourite President?!

She never said anything controversial to Donald Trump, but there were notable hints of her displeasure :

  • She gave Trump a book, even though he was notorious for hating to read.
  • The book – a first-edition copy of The Second World War – was written by Winston Churchill – a notable anti-fascist.
  • She made remarks about the importance of alliances and International institutions, right after Trump tried to undermine several alliances and international institutions.
  • The Trumps were not invited to stay at Buckingham Palace, unlike previous Presidents, allegedly due to ongoing renovations, even though it has 775 rooms, including 52 Royal and guest bedrooms.

Fact #5 : Queen Elizabeth II Only Invited Obamas After They Left Office

While Queen Elizabeth II did not officially name any US President as her favourite, her actions suggest that it was Barack Obama.

Queen Elizabeth met then President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in April 2009, and met them several times after that during his Presidency.

His last visit as President would be to Windsor Castle in 2016 for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration, but it would not have been his last if the Queen had her way.

Queen Elizabeth II apparently liked the Obamas so much that she repeatedly asked her staff to invite them back after Barack Obama left office. A former employee explained it to royal author Tom Quinn :

The queen has a soft spot for Americans after meeting Barack Obama who she completely fell in love with – so much so that she has frequently asked her courtiers if they could arrange for him to come to Britain now he is no longer president.

The Queen has never invited any other US President to visit her once they left office. Only the Obamas were invited back, which speaks volumes about her regard for the Obamas.

The Queen was even photographed with Michelle Obama, with their arms around each other in 2009 – a gesture of fondness unseen with other First Ladies who met with the Queen.

If anyone can lay claim to being Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite US President, it would undoubtedly be Barack Obama, not Donald Trump.


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