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Jaya Grocer DPulze Cyberjaya COVID-19 Case : False Alarm?

Jaya Grocer just announced that their employee at DPulze Cyberjaya who tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, could have had a FALSE POSITIVE result!


Jaya Grocer DPulze Cyberjaya : Employee Falsely Positive For COVID-19?

On 11 January 2021, Jaya Grocer announced that an employee at their DPulze Cyberjaya store just tested positive for COVID-19.

The employee, who worked at the grocery department, last reported to work on 10 January 2021. She felt unwell and tested positive on an Antigen Rapid Test at a nearby clinic.

On 12 January 2021, Jaya Grocer announced that the same employee retested using the rt-PCR test, which came back negative.

As a precautionary measure, Jaya Grocer closed their DPulze Cyberjaya outlet for two days, to perform deep cleaning and sanitisation.

They also sent all their DPulze Cyberjaya staff for a swab test, which also came back negative. However, all staff members and their close contacts will be quarantined for at least 10 days, as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

They will reopen this outlet on 13 January 2021, at 10 AM.

That makes it the 5th Jaya Grocer outlet to be affected by COVID-19, after KL East Mall, Glo Damansara, KLIA2, Mutiara Tropicana, and 1 Utama, even if it was due to a false positive result.


Jaya Grocer DPulze Cyberjaya COVID-19 Exposure : Official Statement

Here was the first official statement by Jaya Grocer on the COVID-19 exposure at their DPulze Cyberjaya store.

Dear Valued Customers,

It is with utmost regret that we must inform you that one staff member from the grocery department at Jaya Grocer D’Pulze Cyberjaya tested positive for COVID-19 on 11th January 2021. This staff last reported to work on 10th January 2021.

As a precautionary measure, we will be closing Jaya Grocer D’Pulze Cyberjaya today (11th January 2021). All staff from Jaya Grocer D’Pulze Cyberjaya will undergo the swab test. We will be cleaning and sanitising Jaya Grocer D’Pulze Cyberjaya in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (KKM).

The safety of our customers and staff remains our utmost priority. We will look to re-open on Wednesday, 13th January 2021, at 10am. We will continue to keep you informed via social media.

Thank you for your continuous support. Please stay safe and healthy.


And this was their follow-up statement on 12 January 2021 :

Dear Valued Customers,

As a follow-up to yesterday’s statement, please note that all staff from Jaya Grocer at D’Pulze Cyberjaya have tested negative using the RT-PCR swab test.

The staff who was reported to have tested positive yesterday took an Antigen Rapid Test at a nearby clinic as she felt unwell. Afterwards, she took the RT-PCR swab test, which came back as negative. All other staff from this branch also tested negative with the RT-PCR swab test.

However, please rest assured that the initial staff and all close contacts who underwent testing will be quarantined for a minimum period of 10 days, as recommended by the Ministry of Health (KKM).

Jaya Grocer at D’Pulze Cyberjaya has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (KKM) and will reopen for business tomorrow on Wednesday, 13 January 2021, at 10am.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. Please stay safe and healthy.



Jaya Grocer DPulze Cyberjaya COVID-19 Case : What’s The Risk?

If the affected employee was positive for COVID-19 (she was not), the risk would depend on whether she wore a face mask properly and maintained physical distance from customers and co-workers.

It would also depend a lot on whether customers who came into contact wore their face masks properly, and practiced good hand hygiene.

Jaya Grocer has no doubt conducted contact tracing, and those identified as close contacts will be asked to self-quarantine and get tested.

This case reinforces the importance of contact tracing, as well as the MySejahtera mobile app which logs the movements of its users.

While shopping malls and all other public premises offer physical logbooks, we highly recommend that you use MySejahtera, because it allows for easier and faster contact tracing.

Using MySejahtera also obviates the need to sign a physical logbook, which usually means using a shared pen – an unnecessary risk factor.

COVID-19 is easily destroyed by soap, so even a simple cleaning operation will definitely clean the store of any infectious particles.

However, it is critical that you wear a face mask in public at all times, as they greatly reduce the risk of infection.

You should also maintain good hand hygiene by cleaning with soap and water, or a hand sanitiser.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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