Did Dr. Fauci Admit COVID Vaccines Don’t Work Well?!

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Did Dr. Anthony Fauci just admit that COVID-19 vaccines don’t work “overly well”?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Dr. Fauci Admitted COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Work Well!

Anti-vaccination activists are excitedly posting that Dr. Anthony Fauci just admitted that COVID-19 vaccines don’t work “overly well”. Here are some examples on social media.

Fauci says “vaccines” don’t work “overly well” still blames vaccines and not the attenuated Omicron variant for his weak symptoms.

Well there you go! – Dr Antony Fauci admits Covid vaccines don’t work ‘overly well’

Dr Antony Fauci admits Covid vaccines don’t work ‘overly well’ at stopping infection in a interview with Fox News. The revelation follows the admission by the Australian government that the vaccines only provide modest protection. #Moderna #Pfizer #COVID

Did Dr. Fauci Admit COVID Vaccines Don't Work Well?!


Dr. Fauci Said Vaccines Work Well Against Severe COVID-19 + Death!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created by anti-vaccination activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Dr. Fauci Said Vaccines Work Well Against Severe COVID-19 + Death

First, let me confirm that Dr. Fauci said that the COVID-19 vaccines “don’t protect overly well against infection“, but that was what we have long known.

What anti-vaccination activists don’t tell you is that he was pointing out that the COVID-19 vaccines “protect quite well against severe disease leading to hospitalisation and death”.

Dr. Fauci was also referring to the high transmissibility of the current Omicron variant, which makes it much easier to infect people, compared to previous variants.

One of the things that’s clear from the data [is] that even though vaccines – because of the high degree of transmissibility of this virus – don’t protect overly well against infection, they protect quite well against severe disease leading to hospitalisation and death.

Fact #2 : Dr. Anthony Fauci Only Has Mild COVID-19 Symptoms

Dr. Anthony Fauci was explaining how being vaccinated protected him from developing severe COVID-19.

He tested positive for COVID-19 on June 15, 2022, but experienced only mild symptoms, despite his age.

I believe that’s the reason why at my age, being vaccinated and boosted, even though it didn’t protect me against infection, I feel confident that it made a major role in protecting me from progressing to severe disease. And that’s very likely why I had a relatively mild course.

Despite claims that he died from COVID-19, Dr. Fauci had mild COVID-19, and was well enough to work from home. He even testified at the Senate HELP hearing on June 16, 2022; where he verbally sparred with Senator Rand Paul.

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Fact #3 : Vaccines Were Designed To Prevent Hospitalisation + Death

Anti-vaccination activists always harped on the fact that fully-vaccinated people can still get infected.

But what they don’t tell you is that – the COVID-19 vaccines were never designed to prevent infections. They were designed to prevent hospitalisation and death from COVID-19.

If you look at Phase 3 trial results of any COVID-19 vaccine, you will see that their efficacy is listed as :

  • protection against symptomatic disease
  • protection against severe disease
  • protection against death

None of the COVID-19 vaccine efficacy studies will ever mention protection against infection. That’s because the COVID-19 vaccines approved so far develop antibodies in the blood and body fluids, not in the mucosal tissues of the mouth and nose.

Thus, those antibodies will only start to work once a COVID-19 infection spreads enough to come into contact. But once they do, these antibodies will latch onto the viruses, and block them from attacking your cells.

That’s why a fully-vaccinated and boosted person may test positive for COVID-19, and even develop mild disease; but will have strong protection against severe disease and death from COVID-19.

Fact #4 : Dr. Fauci Stressed The Effectiveness Of Vaccination

Dr. Fauci was pointing out that while COVID-19 vaccines may not prevent infections by highly-infectious variants like the new Omicron BA.5, they will prevent you from developing a more severe disease.

My message to people who seem confused because people who are vaccinated get infected – the answer is if you weren’t vaccinated, the likelihood [is] you would have had [a] more severe course than you did have when you were vaccinated.

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Fact #5 : COVID-19 Vaccines Proven Safe + Effective

Despite what anti-vaccination activists may claim, COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective in preventing severe infections and deaths.

The RECoVaM study, for example, showed that the vast majority of people who died from COVID-19 were either unvaccinated, or partially vaccinated.

So stop believing in the lies being peddled by anti-vaccination activists. Protect yourself and your family, by vaccinating against COVID-19!

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RECoVaM COVID-19 deaths pie chart


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