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Online Scam : Drip Ear Health For Tinnitus + Deafness!

You may have seen the advertisements for Drip Ear Health, promising to cure tinnitus and deafness.

Please be warned that it is just a SCAM, and here are the reasons why…


Scam Alert : Drip Ear Health For Tinnitus + Deafness!

You may have seen the advertisements for Drip Ear Health, which claims to be a cure for tinnitus and deafness that has been endorsed by ENT specialists.

Take a look at some of the claims… which appear to have been translated from the original Chinese language using Google Translate.

Recently, a magical secret recipe “Drip Ear Health” has been spread wildly on the Internet. I heard that the treatment effect is very significant and will not cause any impact. Highly recommends it!

Communicate normally, tinnitus and deafness can be saved, the symptoms such as ear swelling, tinnitus, and noise disappear within 7 days, and the ear nerves can be repaired in 1 month, so that you can hear clearly without wearing a hearing aid, and your hearing returns to normal.

As long as you insist on using it, no matter how many years of neurological, senile, drug-induced, mixed deafness and tinnitus, you can quickly get cured, and recover from ear diseases!


Why Drip Ear Health Is Just A Scam!

Drip Ear Health is yet another Internet health scam, like the Ziverdo Kit for COVID-19, and the Herbal Visual Tea for Glaucoma or Cataract, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Featured Doctors NOT Involved With Scam

The scammers creates localised versions of the advertisement page, featuring local doctors who appear to be endorsing their Drip Ear Health product.

In our example, they featured Dr. Muthu Kumar Murugesan and Dr. Puvan Arul a/l Arumugam.

On 3 November 2021, Dr. Muthu Kumar denounced the advertisement as fake news.

This fake news has been circulating. We are not only fighting against the Covid-19 virus but the increased occurrence of fake news.

Dr. Puvan Arul is not active on Facebook, but the scammers misappropriated his photo from 10 February 2020.

Fact #2 : Drip Ear Health Is Just Ear Wax Wash

Drip Ear Health are actually Chinese TCM ear drops from 久木堂 (Jiumutang) meant to relieve itchy ears and soften or wash out ear wax.

It contains herbs like Coptis chinensis, Radix sophorae flavescentis, Borneol, Golden cypress, mint and Folium artemisia argyi.

Sounds fancy, but they are common herbs used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – none of which can cure tinnitus or deafness.

Fact #3 : Drip Ear Health Price Is A Scam!

The scammers are selling Drip Ear Health ear drops at absurd prices :

The price tiers are designed to “force” you to purchase the 6 bottle deal. You may feel like you got a great deal, but you just got scammed.

The Drip Ear Health is sold in Taobao – the Chinese version of Amazon – for just 25 yuan, approximately RM16 / S$5 / A$5.50 / US$4 / £3.

If you fell for it, you were just scammed into paying 3X to 6X more for bottles of expensive Chinese TCM ear drops that won’t cure tinnitus or deafness.

Please STAY CLEAR of Drip Ear Health, and SHARE this fact check with your friends!

If these ear drops work, their creators would have won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, and become BILLIONAIRES.

They wouldn’t need to sell you their ear drops on Internet websites.


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