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PSA : Drive-Thru Lane Is For CARS, Not Motorcycles!

Recently, two KFC employees lost their jobs because they posted a picture on Facebook reminding motorcyclists that the drive-thru lane is for cars.

That does not mean they were wrong. That was just KFC throwing their own staff under the proverbial bus, all because of misplaced social media outrage.

The fact is drive-thru lanes are for CARS, not motorcycles!


Drive-Thru Lanes

Drive-thru or drive-through lanes were invented in the United States in the 1930s by Jordan Martin, as a way for customers to purchase goods without leaving their cars.

It started with a drive-up window teller at the Grand National Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, and have expanded to fast food outlets across the world.

The modern version now involves you driving to a speaker phone on a wall, where you make your purchase, which you then pay for and pick up at a window down the lane.


Drive-Thru Lanes Are For CARS, Not Motorcycles!

Now, let us be clear – drive-thru lanes have ALWAYS been designed for cars. Not motorcycles.

In fact, many establishments have policies that REFUSE service to pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists for safety, insurance and liability reasons.

So yes, these two girls were ABSOLUTELY CORRECT to point out to motorcyclists that they should not use the drive-thru lane.

Apparently, they posted that picture after motorcyclists complained that no one attended to them. Of course, Captain Obvious – who would know that you are there, when your motorcycle is too light to trigger the trigger pad?

As explained by DanielKazuto Chan, who used to work at KFC :

Usually when a car pull over at the Order Station, the system will send a ”Bell” or ”Ring” sound to the workers so they can proceed to assist with your order.

But when our system didn’t detect a vehicle like a motorcycle, our system didn’t alert us and we continue to work on other things.

As a result, the workers didn’t assist you with your orders when they are busy taking order at the counters or helping making other orders.

Unfortunately, some Malaysian motorcyclists felt offended by their post, believing that they were looking down on their social status. They started a campaign to pressure KFC Malaysia, who folded like a cheap suit and fired the two girls.

Congratulations, keyboard warriors. You have discovered the power of social media, and KFC Malaysia’s lack of moral fibre.

But if you ever wonder why the drive-thru staff isn’t responding, or even worse – get into an accident at the drive-thru, please remember – these girls TRIED to warn you.


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