Eateries + Restaurants In MCO Areas Can Open Till 10 PM!

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Malaysia just announced that eateries and restaurants can extend their operation hours in MCO areas from 8 PM to 10 PM!


Eateries + Restaurants In MCO Areas Can Open Till 10 PM!

When Malaysia announced the latest January 2021 SOP for the MCO / PKP 2.0 lockdown, eateries and restaurants were only allowed to open from 6 AM until 8 PM.

This turned out to be a big issue for many Malaysians, as food is an integral part of Malaysian life.

Heck, it is a source of great pride that any hungry Malaysian can go out and buy food at any time of the day and night!

Malaysia MCO : Eateries + Restaurants Can Open Till 10 PM!

So it was no surprise that many Malaysians complained about the abnormally early 8 PM shut-off time for eateries and restaurants in areas under MCO lockdown.

The Malaysian government noticed that, and when they announced the extension of MCO for nine states and territories on 21 January 2021, they also announced that eateries and restaurants will be allowed to open until 10 PM.


New Eateries + Restaurants SOP In MCO Areas

Don’t rush off tonight for a late night snack though, as this new policy will only start on 22 January 2021.

You should also note that the other existing MCO SOP for eateries and restaurants remain in place.

So, starting 22 January, 2021, this will be the SOP for eateries and restaurants in MCO / PKP areas.

  • Restaurants, cafes, hawker stalls, roadside stalls, food courts, food trucks are allowed to open from 6 AM to 10 PM.
  • No dine-in is allowed.
  • Only takeaway, drive-through and food delivery are permitted.


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