Can An Egg Boycott Reduce Price To ¼, Like In Argentina?!

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Find out if it’s really possible to conduct an egg boycott, to reduce its price to just ¼, like in Argentina!


Claim : Argentina Egg Boycott Reduced Price To Just ¼!

The story of the Argentinian egg boycott has gone viral, as an example of how the common people can force businesses to reduce their exorbitant prices.

There are a few examples of this story circulating on WhatsApp and social media, but here is one example.

Note : The story is rather long, so feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Argentinian citizen went to buy an “egg carton” and when he asked the seller the price, he found that the price was above the usual, so he asked the seller why!?

He replied that the distributors raised the price!

The citizen quietly took the “egg box” and put it back in its place saying: I dont need eggs, i can live without eggs.

Can An Egg Boycott Reduce Price To ¼, Like In Argentina?!


Truth : Argentina Egg Boycott Story Is Just Fantasy!

Despite claiming that this is a true story, this is yet another example of FAKE NEWS circulating on WhatsApp and social media, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : There Never Was Any Egg Boycott In Argentina!

First, I should point out that there was never any egg boycott in Argentina that caused egg companies to cut prices to a quarter of its previous price.

Neither did any egg company apologise to the Argentinian people. Look it up yourself. It never happened. The story was completely fabricated.

Fact #2 : This Story Has Been Circulating Since 2015

This fake story has been circulating since at least August 2015, when it was posted on an Arabic website with the title of Union – the story of the Argentine people.

Since then, it has been repeatedly shared on social media – Facebook, Twitter, as well as on WhatsApp.

Fact #3 : Argentina Hit By High Inflation Since 2002

Argentina has been suffering from high inflation since 2022, which got worse from 2014 onwards – going from 10.5% to 58% in April 2022!

Whatever boycotts the Argentinian people may have organised would not have mattered.

Can An Egg Boycott Reduce Price To ¼, Like In Argentina?!

Fact #4 : An Egg Boycott Would Never Work

The whole premise of an egg boycott is also ridiculous. Egg prices increase due to escalating costs, as well as supply and demand changes.

If poultry farmers do not make enough money from eggs, they will simply reduce their egg-producing flock, and focus on producing chicken meat instead. When that happens, supply is reduced and prices go up, not down.

A complete consumer boycott of eggs would not collapse the market, because eggs are widely used in the bakery and confectionery trades.

Eggs also have important biotechnology, and other industrial uses. For example, it is used to produce many vaccines, like the annual flu vaccine.

Eggs can also be turned into powdered egg, or even exported. In fact, about $4 billion worth of eggs were exported worldwide in 2020.

Hypothetically, if the Argentinians really boycotted eggs completely, it would result in a short-term reduction in price due to increased supply in the market. However, some chicken farms will collapse, reducing supply and causing prices to spike when consumers start buying eggs again.

Fact #5 : Egg Margins Are Very Thin

According to Poultry World, egg producers in the US generate a margin of just 11.2 cents per dozen eggs at the farm level. That’s less than 1 cent per egg!

So how would it be possible for any egg distributer to sell eggs at a quarter of the original price? It does not even make common sense, never mind financial sense!

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I hope you found this fact check useful. Please help to share it out, so people won’t get fooled by this stupid story again.


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