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People Flee Kedah Before EMCO Lockdown Kicks In!

People Flee Kedah Before EMCO Lockdown Kicks In!

People were seen fleeing Kedah before the Administrative EMCO lockdown kicked in at midnight.

Check out the viral video that a motorist took, and find out why everyone was running for the exit!


Administrative EMCO Declared In Kedah

Kedah has been struck by multiple COVID-19 clusters in recent weeks – Telaga, Tawar, Meranti, Muda, Kurau, and of course, the notorious Sivagangga cluster that accounted for some 45 cases.

To stop the spread of COVID-19 cases in Kedah, the Malaysian government ordered an Administrative EMCO (Enhanced Movement Control Order) on 28 towns in the Kota Setar district in Kedah.


People Flee Kedah Before EMCO Lockdown Kicks In!

The Administrative EMCO for those 28 Kedah counties will kick off at 12:01 on 11 September 2020 and last until 25 September 2020.

Soon after the announcement, people started leaving Kedah, causing a massive jam at the Alor Setar tolls, because they would shut down at midnight.

These are the restrictions during the Administrative EMCO in Kedah :


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