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EMCO Road Closure + Roadblocks In Petaling Jaya!

EMCO Road Closure + Roadblocks In Petaling Jaya!

The PDRM just announced one EMCO road closure, and six EMCO roadblocks in Petaling Jaya!



EMCO Road Closure + Roadblocks In Petaling Jaya!

On 4 July 2021, the Petaling Jaya district police chief, ACP Mohamad Fakhrudin bin Abdul Hamid announced that the police will close a road in Petaling Jaya tonight to enforce EMCO travel restrictions.

Drivers will need to use one of these alternative roads :

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The police will continue to maintain the six EMCO roadblocks they set up yesterday, to enforce the EMCO travel restrictions.

For the full list of EMCO roadblocks, please see our article : EMCO Police Roadblock List For KL + Selangor! 


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