The Esplanade of the Mosques Massacre Debunked!

A video which purportedly shows Israeli soldiers shooting unarmed Palestinians in the Esplanade of the Mosques in Jerusalem is going viral. The only problem with that video? There were no Palestinians or Israelis in the video. Let us debunk this fake story and tell you what really happened. Please share this debunking article to stop these lies from spreading!

The Esplanade of the Mosques Massacre Debunked!


What’s Going On In Jerusalem?

Jerusalem erupted into violence again when three Israeli Arabs attacked and killed two Israeli policemen on 14 July 2017. Since then, four Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli security forces. That instigated a Palestinian to murder three Israeli civilians in their West Bank home.

Now, tensions and emotions are running high. Palestinians and their supporters are baying for Israeli and Jewish blood, while the Israelis continue their clampdown on Palestinian access to the al-Aqsa mosque (Haram al-Sharif / Temple Mount).


The Esplanade of the Mosques Massacre

Unlike other fake news posts, the Esplanade of the Mosques massacre hoax appears to be organised in some fashion. The video was posted directly by each person, instead of being shared from a central source. As far as we can tell, the original post came with this explanation :

This terrible scene takes place on the Esplanade of the Mosques in Jerusalem: Palestinians trying to flee is brutally and ruthlessly killed at point-blank range by the soldiers of the Zionist occupation, for no reason, even though they did not represent any real threat.

There were not armed. The soldiers opened fire intensively, leaving their victims only death as the only exit !!

This video must go around the world!!!!!

There is a new version of this hoax, using a different video. Read about it here!


The Truth

Well, there was no massacre at the Esplanade of the Mosques (also known as the Holy Esplanade) in Jerusalem. There was no cold-blooded murder of a Palestinian man by the Israeli security forces.

The video actually shows the murder of two suspected Daesh terrorists by Iraqi soldiers. One soldier holds up what appears to be a suicide vest at the start of the video. Even so, that is a war crime that contravenes the Geneva Convention. But this is a war crime that was committed, not by the Israelis, but the Iraqis.


Show Me The Evidence!

How do we know the murder did not happen in the Esplanade of the Mosques in Jerusalem?

First of all, the video was uploaded to LiveLeak on 5 October 2014. That means it cannot possibly be of the current turmoil in Jerusalem, which sparked on 14 July 2017. Not unless someone has a time machine…

The Jerusalem Holy Esplanade Massacre Debunked! - LiveLeak video evidence

In the first screenshot below, you will see that the famous profile of an AK-47 assault rifle (or a similar variant). The Israelis do not use the AK-47 assault rifle, but guess who uses it? Bing! The Iraqi army.

The second screenshot will show you a close-up of the soldier’s uniform. That’s not the uniform of any branch of the Israeli security forces. But it is what Iraqi Army soldiers wear.


What Should We Do?

So now you know the truth. If you posted that video, please delete the video. Then tell the person who gave it to you the truth. Share this article with him / her. This is your moral obligation.

If you see anyone share this video, please tell them that it’s false. Share this debunking article with them. Don’t ignore it, and say it’s none of your business.


Lying Is A Sin In Islam

Shame on Muslims who believe that it’s perfectly halal to create false stories to foment hatred and violence against other people, even if they are Israelis. As I recall, lying is a SIN in Islam.

In fact it is considered the most wicked of crimes. Here are selected quotes from the Quran on lying and making false accusations :

“The curse of Allah be upon him if he should be among the liars.” [Quran 24:7]

“Indeed Allah does not guide one who is a transgressor and a liar.” [Quran 40:28]

“Do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it].” [Quran 2:42]

Bad Muslims who posted this and other similar videos would do well to remember them. STOP posting false stories to instigate hatred and violence!

Please SHARE this debunking article to stop the spread of this fake story!


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