Face Mask Recycling Scammers Exposed!

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Malaysian netizens have not only exposed a face mask recycling operation, they also compiled a list of known face mask scammers!

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Recycled Face Masks + Face Mask Scammers Exposed!


Face Mask Recycling : What Is It?

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are massive shortages of 3-ply face masks across the world.

Unscrupulous scalpers also hoarded large quantities, forcing many people to either pay absurdly high prices or go without protection.

But even worse than scalpers are those who collect and recycle discarded face masks!

What they do is collect discarded face masks from rubbish bins, wash and dry them, and then pack them to sell as new face masks!

We had earlier exposed a really dirty Indonesian face mask packing operation, that could be part of a face mask recycling operation.

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Shocking : Indonesian 3-Ply Mask Packaging Operation!


Face Mask Recycling Exposed In Cheras!

Malaysian netizens were able to take photos of a face mask recycling operation that was carried out in the open in Cheras.

Two men can be seen sitting in a gazebo watching over face masks that they laid out on the grass to dry. A large number of face masks were also seen hanging from nearby railings.

Face mask recycling operation in Cheras, Selangor Face mask recycling operation in Cheras, Selangor Face mask recycling operation in Cheras, Selangor Face mask recycling operation in Cheras, Selangor Face mask recycling operation in Cheras, Selangor


Face Mask Recycling : The Final Product

These are purportedly pictures of recycled face masks that have been packed after being washed and dried.

We have no idea if they are related to the pictures above, or a shipment that someone received.

But what is obvious is that while the face masks looks pretty clean, their straps look dirty.

Recycled face masks Recycled face masks Recycled face masks


Face Mask Recycling : List Of Scammers?

Malaysian netizens are also sharing this list of face mask scammers. We have no idea if they are selling recycled face masks, or scammed buyers in other ways – sending them the wrong kind of masks, or not sending anything at all!

Note : We cannot vouch for the authenticity of this list, so please use it as a cautionary note.

Face Mask Scammer List

In Malaysia, you can also use this Commercial Crime Investigations Division page* to check if a bank account number or telephone number has been reported to the Royal Malaysian Police.

* However, please note that the CCID database is not comprehensive, because scammers can easily change their bank accounts and telephone numbers.

For easier searching, here is a table of the list above :

Reported NamesPhone NumberBank AccountSource
Afa Star EnterpriseMBB 5643 9712 3277
CIMB 8009 8446 61
HLB 1050 0118 722
PBB 3213 3353 08
RHB 2123 2100 0729 03
FB : Azman Afa
Asmira IzatyCIMB 7068 2514 81From CCID
Bna Kimoni Hair TradingCIMB 8010 0784 29Facebook
CareFirst PharmaxFacebook Page
Chey Kay SiengBSN 1419 5411 0000 1984Facebook
Chong Chee MingBSN 1015 5411 0001 1472From CCID
Eric Lau Shi Jie019-526-5373MBB 5111 6800 8596Facebook
Genuine Mask Supplies
Hue Lee MeiMBB 1141 4211 9235FB : Ernest Yang
Jannah Hashmi Binti Manoj019-633-6504Bank Rakyat 2239 4106 4471FB : Muhammad Haikal
Mohamad Amirul Syahi017-6266-956MBB 1541 0134 6962FB : Intan Payung
Mohd SaifuddinCIMB 7623 4461 13FB : Intan Payung (from CCID)
Lai Shu How011-1172-3060MBB 1123 1744 6060Facebook
Rita A/P DasCIMB 7069 9827 45FB : Nurul Zaitul Aida (from CCID)
Muhammad Muzhaffar AkmalSC 3881 9472 2625 6
Muhammad Fahmi Bin Mansor011-3302-9347MBB 1512 0434 6365Facebook
Muhd Fafiz Bin Che Ibrahim011-1152-1617PBB 6488 3736 23Facebook
Nelie Binti OjipoiAMB 8881 0345 5331 0Facebook
Nooriziani Bt ZainolMBB 1584 1728 9824Facebook
Nor Asyikin Binti AbdullahBank Islam 0302 7020 9508 33
Norazman Bin MaluddiCIMB 5111 1352 3919
Nur Shahira017-6266-956BSN 1300 3140 0004 4400 7FB : Nur Shahira (from CCID)
Olena’s Enterprise012-826-0012CIMB 8604 0597 17Facebook
Puteri Nur Shahreena019-786-0765
MBB 1512 4002 4433
CIMB 01270 1380 5525
Bank Islam 0108 7020 3176 24
Senarai Penipu Online
Siti Nurhani Binti KasimBank Rakyat 2211 8126 4877Facebook
Tan Joh WanMBB 1510 4425 7261FB : Gessilly D&Y
Tan May Ling @ Wong Jia Jun016-7134-234MBB 5071 5262 9169
HLB 0535 1086 204
Tan Pheck Koon016-917-4778CIMB 7060 8822 93Facebook
Twn Advertisement Trading011-3933-0455MBB 55724 1065 940Facebook
Vijayaeswaran A/L Aramanathan017-4055-927MBB 1010 1315 9106IG : Report Case
Viral Mega Sdn Bhd018-379-6526MBB 5629 9101 1375Facebook
Voo Ken KiongMBB 4723 9415 36Facebook


Face Mask Recycling : How To Prevent It?

To prevent these criminals from recycling and reselling used face masks, do your part to destroy your face mask after using it.

Before throwing your face mask into the rubbish bin, CUT OFF the straps (safer), or CUT the face mask in half, with a pair of scissors.

Make sure you wash your hands and your scissors with soap or a hand sanitiser after you throw away the destroyed face mask.


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