Facebook Scam : Friends Asking To Borrow Money

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This Facebook scam is still being perpetuated. So please keep reminding your family and friends to be aware of this scam on Facebook!

In March 2016, Angie Soo, was almost cheated of RM 5,000 (~US$ 1,200) by a Facebook scam. A scammer managed to hijack her friend’s Facebook account (probably using this phishing method), and used Facebook Messenger to ask her for monetary assistance.

Facebook Scam : Friends Asking To Borrow Money

The scammer pretended to be her friend and asked her for a temporary loan of RM 5,000 (~US$ 1,200), promising to pay back the next day. The scammer asked her to transfer the money to a Maybank account owned by one Jacqueline Buang with the account number of 161109461346.

Fortunately, Angie was no fool. She asked her friend a very simple question, just to prove if that was really her friend on the other end. That question stumped the scammer who could not answer. That saved Angie from being scammed.


The Facebook Scam of Friends Asking To Borrow Money

This was how the scam unfolded. Her friend, Vynes Fredy Yap, received the same request for a money transfer as well.

Facebook Scam : Friends Asking To Borrow Money


How To Avoid These Scams

If you are ever asked by any friend to lend them money through an electronic medium, please be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS. Whether they message you by SMS, WhatsApp, email, ICQ (anyone still using that???), Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc., it does not matter. Consider it a scam until proven otherwise.

The most important thing is to STOP and THINK. Call them up to verify if they actually messaged you for financial assistance. If you cannot call them, ask them questions to confirm their identity. Asking them for their full name is one way, but the scammer can easily check the Facebook account to find that out.

So try asking something that isn’t posted on Facebook, preferably something only the two of you would know. For example :

  • Where or when did you last meet each other?
  • How old are your kids?
  • Where do you live?
  • What car do you drive?
  • What did I last give you for your birthday?
  • Who was that boy / girl in high school we both dated?

DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY until you have confirmation that your friend really sent the message.


I’ve Been Phished By This Facebook Scam! What Can I Do???

If your Facebook account has been compromised, you need to IMMEDIATELY :

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Make sure the email address registered to your Facebook account is correct and has not been changed.
  • Change the password for your Facebook account.
  • Enable the two-step authentication security feature in Facebook by registering your telephone number with your account.
  • If the hacker posted any pictures / videos / apps using your account – LOCATE AND DELETE ALL OF THEM.
  • Check if the hacker added any Facebook apps to your account. Remove any you don’t recognise.
    If you are not sure how to do this, follow this guide – How To Stop Facebook Apps Posting To Your Facebook Wall.

After doing that, repeat the relevant steps for any other (banking, email, social media) accounts that use the same / similar passwords.


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