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Fake TNB Contractor Asking To Inspect / Change Meter!

Be wary of fake TNB contractors asking to inspect or change your electrical meter. There is at least one known imposter who robs victims after gaining entry using this trick.

And a social media post has now revealed another possible imposter trying to gain entry using the same trick. Find out what they did, and how you can avoid getting tricked!


Fake TNB Contractor Asking To Inspect Meter

On 22 January 2020, the police warned the public to watch out for a man posing as a TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) contractor requesting to inspect electrical meters at homes and businesses.

He uses a letter, allegedly confirming his legitimacy at TNB, to gain the victim’s confidence, so he would be allowed in.

The suspect, who is an Indian man between 30 and 40 years of age, is believed to be responsible for at least four robberies in and around Kajang since December 2019.

Courtesy of NST

In the most recent case, which happened on 21 January 2020, the man approached an office in Reko Sentral, asking that they leave the premises while he inspected their electrical meter “for safety reasons”.

In just over an hour, he ransacked their office and made away with cash and other valuables.

Anyone with information on this suspect should contact the Kajang police headquarters at 03-8911-4222, or notify the nearest police station.


Fake TNB Contractor Asking To Change Meter

This case was shared by ÖZill Fikri, is remarkably similar to the cases in Kajang, but happened in Bandar Baru UDA, Johor Bahru.

An Indian man approached his mother-in-law, claiming to be a TNB contractor who was tasked to move the electrical meter to the front of the house for easier reading.

He furnished a letter, purportedly from TNB as evidence that he’s genuine. He also told her that the meter migration service is free, but TNB will charge RM 500 if the meter migration is performed later.

Fortunately, he called up TNB Care Line and was told that they did not hire any third-party contractor to perform meter migrations.

If you look at the authority letter this alleged TNB contractor furnished, it is undated and does not even list the house owner’s name or address.

If you receive such a letter, you have the right to deny entry while you verify the authenticity of this contractor. But please be polite, because it may just be a mistake or miscommunication.


TNB Policy On Meter Migration

To avoid being fooled by fake TNB contractors, we compiled some important information about TNB’s policy on meter migration :


Note On TNB Inspection Of Electrical Meter

Under the Electricity Act 1990, TNB may enter your compound to inspect and change the meter, even if you are not present.

But generally, they will leave a message if you are not available and request that you call them back to schedule an appointment.

However, they do NOT have the right to enter your house or office or business, if the electrical meter is located outside.

They only require enough entry to inspect and/or migrate your electrical meter.

However, if you are suspicious about any TNB contractor, please call the TNB Careline at 15454.

Do not simply rely on the mobile or landline numbers listed in the authority letter because they can be forged.


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