A Father’s Last Words Before Dying Of COVID-19… 😭

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Please read and share these last words of this father to his family before dying of COVID-19 with those who insist that it is a fake pandemic, or just a flu.

COVID-19 is real. COVID-19 is dangerous. COVID-19 can kill.


A Father’s Last Words Before Dying Of COVID-19… 😭

These were the last words of a father to his family before dying of COVID-19 (with our English translation).

Tolong doa dan terus solat hajat. Abah mintak maaf. Jaga diri semua.

Please pray and continue to perform the solar hajat (special prayers). Please forgive Father (me). Take care, everyone.

A Father's Last Words Before Dying Of COVID-19... 😭

Ahmad bin Ahmad Taib, a 58 year-old father who suffers from kidney disease tested positive for COVID-19 last Thursday, and was sent to Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in Ipoh, Perak for treatment.

However, his condition deteriorated and the doctors decided to sedate him before putting him on ventilation on Monday, 16 November 2020.

While they managed to make a video call with him, he was not able to talk. But he managed to scribble those few words to his wife and children, before they put him under sedation.

Unfortunately, he did not survive, dying of COVID-19 on 18 November 2020, just one week after testing positive.

Sadly, his daughter Syafiqa Humairak (Fika Maira), who shared the pictures on her Facebook page, was not allowed to keep her father’s last words for fear the papers may be contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


Dying Of COVID-19 : A Sad, Lonely Affair

Syafiqa Humairak, who goes by Fika Maira on Facebook, shared how sad and lonely it was for her father.

They were not allowed to visit him at the hospital, and they only managed to make that video call with him before he was sedated.

Most of her family was infected by COVID-19, including her 1 month-old nephew, and so they were not allowed to attend his funeral.

Ahmad bin Ahmad Taib funeral

Syafiqa, her husband and her child, were not affected by COVID-19, but only she was the only one permitted to view the burial and even that was from afar.

“I was the only one who could attend the funeral. It is sad because I couldn’t kiss him for the last time. I could only watch him from afar. Covid-19 is no joke and no one is immune.”

She also stressed that rumours that she was the cause of her extended family being infected by COVID-19 are false. She, her husband and her child, are all based in Penang and negative for COVID-19.

She ends with the message :

Covid 19 isn’t a joke guys.
Follow SOP dan jaga jarak (keep your distance).
Jaga diri, jaga keluarga. (Take care of yourself, take care of your family)


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

  • Avoid suspected cases or disease hotpots, like hospitals, if possible!
  • Avoid public events and crowds
  • Keep our hands clean with soap or hand sanitiser
  • Keep our home, office, vehicles, etc. clean
  • If you need to wear a surgical mask, make sure you put it on and remove it properly!
  • Wash your food with water (and soap) after purchase and before preparation

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