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Does February 2023 Happen Only Every 823 Years?!

Is February 2023 really a special lifetime event that happens once every 823 years?

Take a look at this viral claim, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Claim : February 2023 Happens Once Every 823 Years!

This is the viral claim that crops up almost every year, but gets a refresh every time.

This coming February cannot come in your life time again. Because this year February has

4 Sundays,
4 Mondays,
4 Tuesdays,
4 Wednesdays,
4 Thursdays,
4 Fridays &
4 Saturdays.

This Happens once every 823 years. This is called money bags.

So send to at least 5 people or 5 Groups and hopefully money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui. Send within 11 minutes of reading.💰


February 2023 Happens Almost Every Year, Not Once In 823 Years!

Here is the short summary – February 2023 is NOT a lifetime event that happens once every 823 years.

In fact, as most Februaries go, this February is nothing special, and here’s why…

Fact #1 : Most Februaries Have 4 Full Weeks

Every February has 28 days, except for leap years where they gain an extra day and have 29 days.

Years that are divisible by 4 are leap years, except for years that are divisible by 100 years.

There is one exception though – years that are divisible by 400 have a leap year.

Fact #2 : Roughly ¾ Of Februaries Have 4 Weeks

Roughly ¾ of Februaries have 28 days, and therefore 4 full weeks with 4 Sundays, 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wednesdays, 4 Thursdays, 4 Fridays and yes, 4 Saturdays too.

In other words, February 2022 isn’t unique at all in having 4 of every day of the week… definitely NOT every 823 years.

In fact, it is far more common for Februaries to have 4 Sundays, 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wednesdays, 4 Thursdays, 4 Fridays and 4 Saturdays, than anything else!

Fact #3 : Chinese Calendar Is Different

The Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, and is different from the Gregorian calendar that most people use today.

The Chinese calendar does not have months like January, February, March. Neither does it have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Modern China and the Chinese diaspora now use the Gregorian calendar, with converted Chinese calendar dates to mark traditional holidays, and to allow people to plan events around significant dates.

In short – ancient Chinese beliefs still revolve around the traditional Chinese calendar, not the modern Gregorian calendar.

Fact #4 : There Is No Such Feng Shui Belief

Feng Shui is Chinese geomancy – an ancient Chinese belief in using energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surroundings.

It may seem obvious and ridiculous, but I have to point out that Feng Shui predates the creation of the smartphone, social media and instant messaging by thousands of years.

There is, therefore, no such Feng Shui belief that sharing such fake news on WhatsApp or Facebook will bring you good luck and money.

Fact #5 : No Evidence Feng Shui Works

I should also be clear that there is still NO EVIDENCE that Feng Shui actually works.

Please do NOT forward such fake messages to your family or friends.

SHARE this fact check with them instead!


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