Did Feds Raid Mosque & Uncover HORRIFYING Plans For Americans?

Conservative and alternative facts websites have gone into overdrive about the FBI raiding a Florida mosque, and uncovering HORRIFYING plans for Americans. These stories have also gone viral on Facebook, being shared by tens of thousands of people as evidence that the Muslims are out to kill even more Americans. Here are some horrifying titles – Feds Raid Mosque & Uncover HORRIFYING Plans For Americans, Florida Mosque Exposed In CAIR Scandal.

Did The FBI Raid Florida Mosque Over Firearm Training?

As usual – they are yet another piece of #fakenews. Find out what really happened…


BOMBSHELL — Feds Raid Mosque and Uncover HORRIFYING Plans for Americans!

The US Feds raid mosque, uncovering really horrifying plans for Americans? How HORRIFYING! We must share it out immediately so American patriots will know about the dangers of these mosques in white Christian America! Check out the hyperbole in these sample stories from doyens of fake news like WorldTruth.TV :

Did Feds Raid Mosque & Uncover HORRIFYING Plans For Americans?

It all looks so real, right? Never mind that those stories never actually explained what the “HORRIFYING plans for Americans” were…


The Truth About Those “HORRIFYING Plans For Americans”

Despite the sensational headlines, the actual stories did not mention any actual plot or plan, much less “HORRIFYING plans for Americans“. But most people don’t even bother to read past the headlines before they share the #fakenews with their family and friends. Reading is for losers and liberal pussies, don’t you know?

But for those who really want to know what really happened, let’s break it down for you…

There Was No Raid, Period

Lee Williams of the Herald Tribune contacted the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office to find out. A senior official there confirmed that there had been no raid of any mosque by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office or the FBI.

There Were No Weapons Training Of Any Kind

The stories claimed that CAIR official (who is also a Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy, and a Muslim) Nezar Hamze, had been going to mosques to teach Muslims how to properly use guns and get security surveillance system grants from the US government.

However, the actual training did not involve any actual firearms. In fact, this photo of Nezar Hamze shared in these stories show him brandishing fake blue semi-automatic pistols. How horrifying!

Nezar Hamze firearm training

Finally, the Deputy Hamze was teaching those who attended his course what to do if an active shooter entered the mosque – basic “run, hide or fight” stuff, as Lee Williams pointed out.


Who Was The Man They Arrested Then?

Every one of those stories used a picture that showed US marshals arresting a Muslim-looking man. But guess what – that picture was take more than 12 years ago, and has nothing to do with any plot against Americans.

Federal Marshals escort Mohammed Hossain out of the Leo O'Brien Federal building

That is a picture of Mohammed Mosharref Hossain, taken on August 5, 2004, just outside the Leo O’Brien Federal building in Albany, New York.

He was arrested together with Yassin Muhhiddin Aref, and charged with a plot to buy a shoulder-launched missile that would be used to kill the Pakistani ambassador in New York City.

They were both convicted of conspiring to aid a terrorist group, supporting a foreign terrorist organization, and money-laundering on October 1, 2005 and sentenced to 15 years in jail.


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