#FilmYourHospital : Empty Hospitals Hoax Debunked!

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There is a collaborative #FilmYourHospital effort to share photos and videos of empty hospitals as proof that COVID-19 does not exist.

Find out if those photos and videos of empty hospitals are real, and if COVID-19 is a fake virus / crisis!

#FilmYourHospital : The Empty Hospital Hoax Debunked!


#FilmYourHospital : Why Are Hospitals Empty?

People are sharing videos and pictures of empty hospitals on Twitter and YouTube with the hashtag #FilmYourHospital, as evidence that COVID-19 is not a real virus or crisis.

Many question why hospitals would be empty if the media (often portrayed as lying) are reporting that many people are sick, and healthcare workers are overwhelmed.

They are also sharing stories of how healthcare workers are being furloughed or laid off, which would not make sense if there are many people sick with COVID-19.

#FilmYourHospital : The Empty Hospital Hoax Debunked!

Many appear to be American conservatives, or pro-Trump supporters, suggesting that COVID-19 is a plot to take down Donald Trump.

Bizarrely, some even called for the arrest of Dr. Anthony Fauci (#ArrestFauci) and Bill Gates (#ArrestGates), while others blamed 5G towers.


#FilmYourHospital : TLDR Conclusion

For those who are too lazy to read, here is the short and sweet conclusion – hospitals are empty because they are preparing for COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a PANDEMIC, which means it has spread globally. For this to be a conspiracy, it would require herculean coordination amongst the 210 countries currently affected by COVID-19.

Hundreds of thousands of people would have to conspire to lie to the entire world, and for what? To deprive you of your freedom? To build more 5G towers? To force you to get vaccinated?

Empty hospital conspiracy crackpot 01

Would you be surprised to learn that this #FilmYourHospital hype is profitable? One YouTuber said it clearly in a comment “The motive here is to get my videos promoted, get more subscribers and make a little extra cash…

But if you still believe that COVID-19 is a lie and a conspiracy, just remember one thing – suicide is meant to be a solitary hobby.


#FilmYourHospital : The Empty Hospital Hoax Debunked!

Now, let’s debunk this mishmash of conspiracy theories about empty hospitals and fake media reports on the COVID-19 crisis.

Fact #1 : Hospitals Need To Empty Out For COVID-19

COVID-19 is highly-contagious, and thus, COVID-19 patients cannot be kept in the same ward as other patients. They need to be isolated from other patients.

Therefore, hospitals have to clear out dedicated floors or wards to cater to COVID-19 patients. That’s why hospitals appear empty.

#FilmYourHospital : The Empty Hospital Hoax Debunked!

Fact #2 : Hospitals Cancelled Elective Surgeries + Procedures

To avoid infections and a higher risk of death, hospitals have cancelled elective surgeries and procedures, including scans and tests.

This has greatly reduced the number of people going to hospitals, which is why hospitals now appear empty.

Fact #3 : Healthcare Staff Not Involved In COVID-19 Are Now Redundant

Unfortunately, cancelling elective surgeries and procedures means a great loss of income for these hospitals, which in the United States are profit-based.

To reduce their losses, many hospitals have quickly furloughed employees who are not directly involved in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The Washington Post earlier reported that :

  • Bon Secours Mercy Health (51 hospitals) furloughed 700 workers
  • Ballad Health (21 hospitals) furloughed 1300 employees, and cut pay for executives.
  • Children’s National Hospital in DC forced employees to take one week off.

Hospital executives also claim that these furloughs will reduce the number of people in their hospitals and help to reduce the spread.

US healthcare worker protected against COVID-19

Fact #4 : Hospital Tents Are Empty Because They Are Triage Tents

The large tents outside hospitals are empty because they are used for triage, not for treating or keeping patients.

People coming to hospitals will be assessed at these triage tents, and then moved inside to either a hot / red zone (if they are deemed to have COVID-19 symptoms), or a safe / green zone (if they have non-COVID medical issues).

For privacy reasons, these tents are fully covered, so there’s no way to know how many people are inside. Commentators who claim that they are empty must have x-ray eyes…

Hospital triage tents 01

Fact #5 : There Are No Queues Because There’s A Lockdown!

People who pointed out the lack of queues at the hospitals / triage tents conveniently “forget” that there are stay-at-home or shelter-in-place lockdown orders in place.

Smart people who do not want to get infected by COVID-19 are therefore staying at home. That is also why there are very few people, or none at all, walking nearby (if you watch carefully when their videos pan).

#FilmYourHospital : The Empty Hospital Hoax Debunked!

Fact #6 : COVID-19 Patients Are Being Isolated

Again, COVID-19 is highly-contagious, so hospitals will isolate patients or potentially-infected patients in an isolated section, away from everyone else.

Smarty-pants conspiracy theorists who fake injuries to get into a hospital will be shunted to a waiting room for non-COVID cases.

And this “green” or “safe” waiting room will be empty, partly because elective surgeries and procedures have been cancelled or delayed, and partly because lockdown orders mean that people are staying home unless they have a serious injury.

Chinese isolation ward
A medical worker calls his colleague inside an isolated ward at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak, in Hubei province, China February 13, 2020. Picture taken February 13, 2020. China Daily via REUTERS

Fact #7 : NO ONE Is Allowed To Take Photos / Videos Of Patients!

Some conspiracy theorists tried lying their way into hospitals and isolation wards to take photos or videos of patients, and were evicted.

They would then point out that this is evidence the hospital or police or government were trying to cover up their lies.

Empty hospital conspiracy crackpot 02

The fact is privacy laws, including HIPAA in the United States, require that hospital staff stop people from taking photos or videos of patients.

Such laws actually apply to the hospital staff as well, not just members of the public. NO ONE has the right to take photos or videos of a patient without his/her consent.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

  • Avoid suspected cases or disease hotpots, like hospitals, if possible!
  • Avoid public events and crowds
  • Keep our hands clean with soap or hand sanitiser
  • Keep our home, office, vehicles, etc. clean
  • If you need to wear a surgical mask, make sure you put it on and remove it properly!
  • Wash your food with water (and soap) after purchase and before preparation

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  18. NoGamerYouKnow (@NoGamerYouKnow)

    lmao…only problem is..the news showed these were full.. opposite pics and we were told not to go..but when people did they were empty..and the people at the hashtag are from all over the world and dont know each other..nice try..the logic does make sense..but unfortunately the news said the opposite for the same days and time and even set news up to look like a pandemic..cbs was caught red handed

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  45. Gugu

    ….but continue to do nothing. Fuck, if tv reported that the hospital is full, and you went there and saw it was empty why didn’t you dump gasoline all over the place and light it up? If it’s that empty, no one will be able to stop you. Don’t worry about police or firefighters, they’re just as curious as you are. They won’t do anything except watch.

    There are only 50 governors in usa. Tell each one that they will record every covid19 patient live 24hrs with audio. Anyone who approaches a patient says aloud what they’re doing to the patient and why. If your governor won’t do this, then kill the governor. It really is that simple. Again, the police are not going to stop you. No one is going to come to the defense of a governor who refused to take responsibility for a building standing in their jurisdiction. No one is going to protect a governor who allowed patients to be hidden from public view and denied advocation from family members. If police actually try to intervene, then subdue them, take their weapons uniforms and vehicles. Once you do this, YOU ARE THE POLICE. How easy is it to capture a hospital when you have police equipment? How about a news station? What’s wrong with all of you?


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