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Massive Pipe Burst + Sinkhole At First Avenue, 1 Utama!

A major pipe just burst next to First Avenue, 1 Utama… and has apparently flooded its car park, and created a large sinkhole nearby!

This is a developing story, but here are the first slew of photos and videos of the massive pipe burst and sinkhole at First Avenue!


The Massive Pipe Burst + Sinkhole At First Avenue, 1 Utama!

We don’t know much about this incident, and will update the article as and when we get more information. But this is what we know so far :


Pictures From First Avenue, 1 Utama

These two pictures show the deluge of water from the burst pipe, and people heading into First Avenue after the initial evacuation.

And here’s a picture taken by a driver evacuating from the B3 parking lot of First Avenue.


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