FMCO 3.0 Restrictions Extended Indefinitely!

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The Malaysia FMCO 3.0 restrictions will be extended indefinitely… until the three criteria under the National Recovery Plan are achieved!

Here is what we know so far!


Malaysia FMCO 3.0 Restrictions Extended Indefinitely!

According to BERNAMA, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that :

  • the Movement Control Order 3.0 remains in force until all three indicators under Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan are achieved.
  • the government will announce more comprehensive assistance to all groups of society on Monday or Tuesday.

For those who are not up-to-date, the three indicators necessary to shift to Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan are :

  • The daily case average must be less than 4,000 new COVID-19 cases
  • The healthcare system and ICU capacity must be at a moderate level
  • At least 10% of the population must be vaccinated with the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines

As of 26 June 2021, 1.96 million adults in Malaysia received their second dose – just under 6%.

With daily vaccinations of the 2nd dose between 55,000 to 100,000, it will likely take 3-6 weeks before we can shift into Phase 2.

FMCO 3.0 Restrictions Extended Indefinitely!


FMCO 3.0 Lockdown SOP : 2 June 2021 Edition!

Here is a video showing the 2 June 2021 edition of the total lockdown SOP for MCO 3.0, which people are calling Full MCO or FMCO.

Here is a selection of FMCO 3.0 total lockdown SOP :

  1. Interstate or inter-district travel is FORBIDDEN.
  2. Up to two (2) people from each household are allowed to go out to purchase food, medicine, dietary supplements and other daily essentials.
  3. Up to three (3) people, including the patient, are allowed to go out from each household to seek medical treatment, healthcare, screening test, security assistance or other emergencies within a radius of no more than 10 kilometres from their home, or the nearest available service (if there are none within 10 km).
  4. Up to two (2) people are allowed in each taxi or e-hailing ride, including the driver. The passenger must be seated in the rear compartment.
  5. Commercial vehicles carrying essential goods are allowed to carry people up to the licensed limit.
  6. Official government vehicles are allowed to carry up to their maximum capacity.
  7. All airports and ports are allowed to operate as usual.
  8. Sea and land public transportation services, like employee transportation, public buses, express buses, LRT, MRT, ERL, monorail and ferry are allowed to operate at 50% of vehicle capacity.
  9. Travel for funerals and natural disasters are allowed with police permission.
  10. NGOs travelling to assist with natural or humanitarian disasters must obtain permission from the State / District Disaster Management Committee, and the aid must be funnelled through the Disaster Operations Control Centre (PKOB).
  11. Interstate / inter-district travel for the purpose of COVID-19 vaccination is ALLOWED with the display of vaccine appointment on MySejahtera, website or SMS.
  12. Members of Parliament or State Assembly are ALLOWED to cross state or district lines.
  13. Interstate travel is FORBIDDEN for couples in long-distance relationships.
  14. Short-term business visitors are ALLOWED for official or business purposes under the One Stop Centre (OSC) Initiative, with police permission

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