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Freak Storm Ravages Mutiara Damansara

Freak Storm Ravages Mutiara Damansara

At around 6 PM on May 3, 2016, a freak storm ravaged Mutiara Damansara. Even though this freak storm lasted mere minutes, it toppled many trees in the area. One lucky driver narrowly escaped death when his car was almost hit by two falling trees that literally bracketed his car!

He was going over the hump when the first tree fell in front of him. You could say that the hump saved his life, because if he was driving just a little faster, the tree would have fallen on top of his car. It would have crushed his car like a tin can.

He cheated death a second time when he reversed his car only to have the second tree fall right behind his car. If he reversed his car a little earlier or a little faster, it would have fallen on top of his car too. Fortunately, he escaped with his life again and his car only suffered minor damage.

The two same trees that bracketed his car were massive. The winds that brought them down were so strong, they not only uprooted such large trees, they also lifted up a large section of the wall and fence that ran over the roots of these trees. Check out the devastation wrought by just these two trees.

And these are just two trees that were taken down by the freak storm. At our last count, this freak storm took down at least 9 large trees like these two.


Some Damage After The Freak Storm

Take a look at some of the damage in Zone A of Mutiara Damansara. Several roads were totally closed by trees falling across them. It’s remarkable (and fortuitous) that no one was hurt by these massive trees.

Even after the storm passed, it was very dangerous to walk outside. Many tree branches were broken and literally hanging by their bark. I actually witnessed two large branches fall right in front of me. It is never a good idea to stay under a tree after such a storm!


Video Footage

While we figure out how to convert encrypted CCTV footage to post online, here is a video showing you the post-storm damage. The clearing crew had to work through the night to cut up the many fallen trees to clear the road.


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