Free Children Friendship Training For Autistic Children (5th Intake)

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Graduate students from UPM are conducting a free course in Children Friendship Training for children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) in the Klang Valley. The fifth intake is estimated to start in June 2017.


What Is Children Friendship Training?

The Children Friendship Training program was developed by the UCLA Parenting & Children’s Friendship Program in 1982. It is an evidence-based, parent-assisted intervention that helps autistic children form and maintain long-term friendships.

Designed for children in primary / elementary school, this program will teach your child the following skills :

  • Conversational skills
  • How to make a good first impression
  • How to “play detective” to find common interests
  • How to join a group of kids at play
  • How to handle rejection, teasing and bullying
  • How to be a good host on a play date
  • How to be a good winner
  • How to be a good sport
  • How to show respect to adult supervisors

The Children Friendship Training program lasts for 12 weeks with one session weekly, each lasting one hour. Both parents and child will be given some “homework” to accomplish during the intervening week.


What Is Required To Join?

Your child must be between 7 and 12 years of age, and must have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Your child must also be able to speak and understand English, with some understanding of the concept of playing games, as well as winning and losing in games.

This training program also requires parent participation. In fact, parents will attend a concurrent class that will teach them how to help their children make and keep friends. Regular attendance is imperative.

Free Children Friendship Training For Autistic Children


This Is Also A Study

Please note that this Children Friendship Training Program is being conducted as part of a UPM study on the effectiveness of Children’s Friendship Training on enhancing the social skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Therefore, parents and children undergoing this study are expected to participate in pre- and post-program surveys.


Who Is Conducting This Program

The program is being conducted by Ms. Ong Sing Yee (far right), a UPM graduate student. Ms. Ong Sing Yee is a Master in Counselling studying towards her PhD in Educational Psychology.

Free Children Friendship Training For Autistic Children

They are assisted in this program by master-level psychology trainees and/or individuals with appropriate qualifications and experience. On top of that, the study is supervised by Associate Professor Samsilah bt Roslan of UPM.


Where Do I Sign Up?

The Children Friendship Training program just successfully concluded the fourth intake, and has opened up for the fifth intake that will begin in June 2017. You can sign up right now using this form. Places are limited per intake, so hurry!


Volunteer As A Facilitator!

If you are interested in volunteering as a facilitator in this program, please click here. You must be able to commit to at least 10 sessions (12 sessions preferably). Experience working with special needs children is an advantage. A simple interview will be conducted before the program starts.

The volunteer program may help parents whose children do not fit the required age group for this program. They can learn from the program and apply the methods at home.


Contact Information

For further information, please contact Ms. Ong Sing Yee directly.

Ms. Ong Sing Yee | ? : 012-911-8083 | ? [email protected]


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