Did National Futsal Player Felicity Agnes Assault A Grab Driver? Rev. 3.0

Page 1 : Did National Futsal Player Felicity Agnes Assault A Grab Driver?


The Internet is abuzz about claims that former Malaysian national futsal player Felicity Agnes Ng allegedly assaulted Grab Car driver Chow Wai Loon. Despite her assertion that it was just a small misunderstanding on both sides, and it had been settled by both parties, the Grab driver insists he wants justice for the injury suffered.

Did National Futsal Player Felicity Agnes Assault A Grab Driver?

Originally posted @ 2017-12-02

Updated at 2017-12-04 : Added a new section about Chow Wai Loon agreeing to settle with Felicity Agnes and her mother. Updated the screenshots section as well.

Updated @ 2017-12-05 : Added a new section about Felicity Agnes not turning up for the agreed meeting to settle matters with Chow Wai Loon.

Chow Wai Loon Posts About His Experience

Just before midnight, on 1 December 2017, Chow Wai Loon (also known as Wayne Chow), posted about his ordeal with two ladies earlier that day. Here’s a short summary in English of what he said in his long post titled “I’m a Grab driver, not your dog“.

I have been a Grab driver for a year, with a 4.90 rating.

I received a pickup call for Sunway Pyramid and drove over. However, Sunway Pyramid has two exits.

When I arrived at the first exit, I called and asked the passenger where she was. She said “At H&M”, so I drove slowly over to spot them. They did not wave out, so I drove even slower, looking for a place to stop and call them.

All of a sudden, there was a bang – someone hit my car. It was the person who called me for the ride – a pair of mother and daughter.

I asked them – why did you hit my car so hard? She said, “You are a rude driver! Why didn’t you stop?”

Sunway Pyramid is so crowded with so many cars. You didn’t wave me down or reach out, how do I know it’s you? Those who use Grab regularly know that it’s much easier for passengers to locate the driver, because they have a licence plate to look out for!

She continued, “I am going to report you, you rude driver!”.

Of course, I apologised to avoid trouble, because a complaint is a serious matter for a Grab driver. So I proceeded to drive them home.

At the end of this RM 8 drive, I parked at the house no. 58 (they wanted to drop at number 56), because I was not sure exactly where it was. They didn’t say where it was either. So what do you think happened?

“I’m going to report you! This is not the right location that you should stop us!”

The daughter threw a RM 10 note at me. While I tried to get the RM 2 change, her daughter got out of the car and slammed the door. Her mother said, “You rude driver, I’m going to report you!”.

She then took out her smartphone to take a photo. Not to be outdone, I took out my smartphone too.

Suddenly, I blacked out a little and became dizzy, because her daughter punched me in the right eye!

I stopped my car by the side of the road to inspect my injury. I called Grab Support, while they called the police. When they arrived, they told me to go to the police station, so I reported them.

According to my friend, the person who hit me is part of the Malaysian Women’s Futsal Team, and her name seems to be Fexxxity Axxxs.

Did National Futsal Player Felicity Agnes Assault A Grab Driver?

Chow Wai Loon’s Police Report

Here is the summary in English of Chow Wai Loon’s police report :

At around 7:15 PM on 1 December 2017, I picked up the passengers at Sunway Pyramid. When I arrived, the passengers hit the back of my car. Then they entered my car while scolding me for not spotting them.

When I brought them to their destination in Subang Jaya, they left my car and slammed the doors loudly. I scolded them, and then noticed one of them was taking photos of my car with her smartphone.

I took my own smartphone to take her photo. She then punched me in my face. That’s when I came to the police station to make this report.

Felicity Agnes Issues A Public Apology

It appears that Chow Wai Loon’s friend is on the dot. Felicity Agnes appears to be the former member of the Malaysian women’s national futsal team. She even posted the photo of the 2013 national team on her Facebook page.

Felicity Agnes cover photo

The next day after this issue exploded on the Internet (2 December 2017), Felicity Agnes issued a public apology on her Facebook page, saying that it was “a small misunderstanding on both sides“, and that “it has been settled on both parties“.

Did National Futsal Player Felicity Agnes Assault A Grab Driver?

We underlined her emphasis on both sides / parties, because Chow Wai Loon disagreed with her.

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