Gay Marriage vs Natural Marriage = Biology Not Bigotry

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This video was apparently made by NationForMarriage compares the merits of natural marriage against the dangers of gay marriage. It claims that their opposition to gay marriage is about biology, not bigotry.

Although the video was released in 2012, it resurfaced after the US Supreme Court affirmed the right of the LGBT community to marry their partners. Anti-gay protestors are now using it as a rallying call to protest the Supreme Court ruling. Take a look :

I was introduced to this video by a friend who asked me to comment on this pastor’s post, where he triumphantly promotes the video to his followers with the declaration that “That’s not bigotry, that’s biology!“.

Same Sex Marriage vs Natural Marriage = Biology Not Bigotry
Same Sex Marriage vs Natural Marriage = Biology Not Bigotry

Here was my response to the good pastor’s comments :

Xxxxxx Xxxx Pastor, my apologies for my French in advanced but that’s not biology. That’s a big load of bigotry generously slathered in stupidity, ignorance and a whole lot of arrogance.

I wish those who are anti-gay would just be honest and say it disgusts them, instead of coming up with convoluted reasons why it would not only be morally right but their civic responsibility even to oppose gay marriage.

1. Labelling heterosexual marriage “natural marriage” is disingenuous and factually wrong. There is NOTHING natural about marriage at all. Human beings are biologically not designed for marriage. Marriage is an artificial SOCIAL construct, period.

2. The perpetuation of a species is not merely reliant on procreation. Sure, it is a key aspect to a species’ survival but if it is the ONLY criteria then rabbits would have ruled the world. The fact of the matter is nature, the species adopts various mechanisms to survive. In the sexual aspect, this includes celibacy / homosexuality / sex change. Yes, they have all been observed in nature, with homosexuality regularly seen in hundreds of other animal species.

3. Marriage best raises children? If that’s the case, then there won’t ever be children who were abandoned, abused by their own MARRIED parents, would there?

Just by examining the daily papers, one would get the idea that practically all of these abuse cases by married parents are exclusively of the heterosexual kind.

Should we then conclude that marriage promotes child abuse? Of course, not. But neither should you conclude that marriage is best for raising children. If you believe so, then you are actually admitting that you lack character and willpower and require an artificial social construct to force you to “do the right thing”.

4. Marriage protects women but you would deny the same right to a same sex spouse? Such hypocrisy. 😀

I am tempted to point out the misogyny in the statement but that’s really a separate topic. 🙂

5. Marriage civilizes MEN??? OMFG, are you serious? Are you that weak-minded that you would “go forth and rape, steal and plunder” if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re married (drats!)? It is this kind of stupid logic that makes you guys the laughingstock of the Internet.

6. Marriage reduces crime, poverty and welfare? Then WTF are you denying these benefits to same sex couples? 😀

7. I’m not even going to bother about the “benefits” of same sex marriage. Instead, I will address the ridiculous claim that the government is PROMOTING same sex marriage. In which fantasyland do you come from where you see governments (any government) promoting same sex marriage?

Please do NOT lie. You are Christians, and lying is a SIN in Christianity. It’s even listed in the Ten Commandments.

If you are referring to the recent US Supreme Court decision, it does not promote same sex marriage. It only PERMITS same sex marriage.

In fact, if I may put it in a different context, one that addresses the true reason why you are all so #butthurt about it, is the fact that the US Supreme Court decision denies the religious the right to impose their own religious views and laws unto others.

You are NOT being forced to marry gay people in your churches.
You are NOT being forced to marry members of the same sex yourselves.
You are NOT being forced to change your religious beliefs.
You are NOT being forced to change your religious laws.

So how is this any Christian’s problem? This is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Go and pray in peace. Leave other people alone. Thank you.

The pastor never responded. Neither did his sycophants. I honestly don’t know why this small group of Christians are so judgemental about other people’s rights and beliefs. However, it was very encouraging to see other Christians (on my Facebook feed) stand up for the LGBT community.

We may not be gay or even approve / like what they do, but why should we deny them the right to get married and be as happy / miserable as the rest of us? 😀

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