GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!

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On 9 May 2018, millions of Malaysians will come out to vote for a new government in the 14th General Elections, also known as GE14 or PRU14. Here is a refresher course on what you must know before voting in GE14 / PRU14!GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!

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GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!

Some of you are probably first time voters. Even those who voted before may not recall what they need to do on voting day. After all, the last General Elections was five long years ago!

To help us exercise our right to choose a new government, PACA 4 Msia created some awesome infographics to help bring you up to speed.


What You Need To Do BEFORE Voting

  1. Voting time is from 8 AM to 5 PM.
  2. You should head to your polling stations EARLY, preferably in the morning. This will help to prevent phantom voting on your behalf.
  3. The polling stations close at 5 PM sharp. If you cannot be there early, make sure you are at the polling station at least 30 minutes before closing!
  4. No one is allowed to approach you with “election advice” and “inducements” like free gifts, food and drinks, within 50 meters of the polling station.
  5. Get your voting stream (saluran) and your voter number information from the Barong SPR. You can also download the information from or via the MySPR Semak app.

GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!

Inside The Saluran

This is what it looks like inside the voting stream (saluran). Once inside the salura, voting is a 5-step process.

GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!

Clerk 1

Inside your allotted saluran, you will first meet Clerk 1, who will :

  1. Check your name against the electoral roll, and perform facial recognition using your MyKad picture.
  2. Confirm that your fingers do NOT have any indelible ink marks, before asking you to move on to Clerk 2.
  3. Verbally call out your Voter No., MyKad Number and Full Name.

GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!

Clerk 2

Next, you will meet Clerk 2, who will :

  1. Make sure your name and MyKad number are correctly called out, as you dip your left index finger into the indelible ink.
  2. Give you tissue paper to dab off excess ink (if requested), while making sure your left index finger is still stained with indelible ink.

As your left index finger is stained with ink, you must take GREAT CARE to hold the ballot paper with your right hand.

If you are left-handed, you can ask to stain your right index finger instead. This will allow you to hold the ballot papers with your left hand.

If you accidentally stained or smudged the ballot, ask for a replacement. You are allowed one replacement ballot for such mistakes.

GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!Clerk 3

Finally, you will meet Clerk 3, who will give you your ballot paper. Here are some precautions you must note :

  • Make sure Clerk 3 does not have a pencil, and is not writing anything on your ballot paper, or the counterfoil in the ballot booklet. If you see Clerk 3 writing anything, voice your concern LOUDLY to get the attention of the polling agent and KTM (Ketua Tempat Mengundi / Head of the Polling Station).
  • After Clerk 3 hands you your ballot papers, OPEN AND CHECK THEM in front of Clerk 3. Make sure the ballot papers are clean without any marking or writing.
  • If you notice any marking on your ballot papers, ask for a replacement. You are entitled to ONE replacement ballot, should there be any marking, smudging or mistake you made on the ballot paper.
  • If you receive a replacement ballot, make sure the Ketua Tempat Mengundi (KTM) cancels your original ballot papers, in front of the polling agent.
  • Do NOT let anyone convince you to “initial” or “sign” against your ballot to “correct your mistake”. This will spoil your ballot. If you made a mistake, ask for a replacement ballot.

GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!

In The Voting Booth

Once you’re in the voting booth, write or draw an X within the box next to the candidate or party of your choice.

Ignore rumours that the X must be perfect, or touch the four corners of the box. As long as the X is within the box, the SIZE DOES NOT MATTER.

GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!

At The Ballot Box

After you marked your votes, fold the ballot papers into a quarter, and make sure you cast your vote into the correct ballot box.

There is one ballot for Parliament, and one ballot for State.

GE14 / PRU14 : What You MUST Know Before Voting!


GE14 / PRU14 Bragging Rights

We know how important bragging rights are to everyone in the age of social media. However, DO NOT take pictures of your vote, and most certainly, DO NOT SHARE any picture of your vote on social media!

Instead, we strongly encourage you to take selfies with your stained finger. Heck, show us the finger, and we will reward you with a free 12 month subscription to iflix!

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Happy voting on 9 May 2018! And if you are travelling back to vote, please have a safe journey!


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