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GE14 : Show Us The Finger & Win iflix Results! 😁

Come 9 May 2018, millions of Malaysians will come out to vote for a new government in GE14 – the 14th General Elections. To celebrate this exercise in representative democracy, and to reward those who choose to exercise their civil right to vote, we are giving away TWENTY (20) annual iflix subscriptions worth RM 120 each!

All you have to do is show us your finger… stained with indelible ink! Like these pretty ladies. It’s that simple! ?

Photo credit : New Straits Times

We originally had 10 iflix accounts to give away, but in light of the historic GE14 election results, we are giving away another 5 iflix accounts. That’s a total of FIFTEEN (15) iflix accounts, worth RM 1,800!

Don’t forget to increase your chances of winning by SHARING the contest thread!


GE14 : Show Us The Finger To Win 12 Months Of iflix!

Step 1 : Go Vote!

On 9 May 2018, go to your GE14 polling station, and vote!

Step 2 : Take A Selfie!

Take a selfie with your left index finger (now marked with the indelible ink).

Step 3 : Show Us The Finger!

Proudly show us the finger! Post your selfie in our Facebook contest thread, or email it to us.

Our politicians have 11 days to campaign, so you’ll have 11 days to post your selfie or email it to us.

Step 4 : Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

On 20 May 2018, we will randomly select FIFTEEN (15) selfies, and announce the winners, who will each receive a subscription code for 12 months of iflix worth RM 120 each!


How To Maximise Your Chances Of Winning

Tip #1 : Bring Your Official Identification

Don’t be lackadaisical like some of our politicians. Bring your official identification to the GE14 polling station. It is usually your MyKad, but can also be :

Tip #2 : X Marks The Spot

Voting is simple. Just mark X next to the name of the candidate, party or symbol you prefer.

DO NOT put a checkmark, draw doodles, write insults or poetry. All that will disqualify your vote.

Tip #3 : Take Your Selfie Before Washing

The indelible ink is supposed to remain on your finger for 3-4 days. However, there have been reports of voters washing it right off their fingers almost immediately.

So make sure you take that selfie with your stained finger BEFORE you wash it!

Tip #4 : Don’t Procrastinate!

Share your GE14 selfie with us right away. The longer you wait, the more likely you will forget! 😀

Tip #5 : Share Our Facebook Post!

If you share our Facebook contest post, you will have a HIGHER CHANCE to win!


GE14 Contest Results!

After collating all of the emailed and Facebook entries, we randomly selected these TWENTY winners. Yes, we doubled the number of iflix prizes!

Congratulations! You will all receive a PM or email with your 12-month iflix subscription code. Once you get it, please do us a favour and just post a message in the Facebook contest results thread.

Here are some of the public entries we received. Great job, guys!


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