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Dramatic Escape From Major Genting Highlands Landslide!

At around 5 pm on 5 November 2019, a major landslide hit Genting Highlands moments just after a smaller landslide blocked vehicles from passing.

Watch the dramatic escape of a tour bus, as tons of mud, rocks and water came cascading down Genting Highlands!


Dramatic Escape From Major Genting Highlands Landslide!

Watch the dramatic escape of this tour bus from the landslide, and take a look at the aftermath!


Major Genting Highlands Landslide!

According to news and social media reports, it had been raining heavily in Genting Highlands for about 3 hours when the first landslide hit.

It blocked the both lanes of Jalan Genting-Amber Court, preventing vehicles from passing. That was fortunate, because a MUCH LARGER landslide soon hit the same spot!

Thanks to this fortuitous road block by the first landslide, no one was injured when the second, larger one hit…

The Fire and Rescue Department were on scene right after the incident, and have been working to clear the road.

Luckily for everyone, this was not the main route in and out and no one was hurt, but it sure was a close call!


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