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George Floyd Challenge : So Dangerous + Racist!

George Floyd Challenge : So Dangerous + Racist!

The new George Floyd Challenge is not only dangerous, it is extremely racist. Find out what this social media challenge is all about, and why you should NOT do it!

Please share this article to warn your family and friends. Don’t let them ruin their lives and future for a stupid and racist challenge!


George Floyd Challenge : More Social Media Stupidity!

The George Floyd Challenge is the latest social media inanity that has cost quite a few people dearly.

The challenge encourages people to take and share pictures and videos of themselves as they kneel on another person’s neck, just like what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd.

It was started by Officer Chauvin’s supporters as a way to “prove” that he could not possibly be responsible for George Floyd’s death by kneeling on his neck.


George Floyd Challenge : So Dangerous + Racist!

Derek Chauvin’s supporters insist that he could not have caused George Floyd’s death by kneeling on his neck. So they came up with the George Floyd Challenge – to prove that opinion, and to mock his death.

No one should perform it because it can injure or even kill the play-victim. Parents should definitely warn their children not to mimic these idiots!

Even if you lack empathy, understand that performing this racist act will ruin your life. Your reputation and future will be destroyed if you do this.

Don’t believe me? Look at what happened to those who performed this racist and dangerous challenge!

27 May 2020

The first public example was probably what Dave Hollenbeck, a school wrestling coach, posted on 27 May 2020 :

Not dead yet I’m doing this for Are (our) police officers the media is a race baiting machine and I’m tired of it I’m going to speak out every time if you don’t like that I’m sorry but I love All people.. Wake up America.

Dave was quickly dismissed by the Bethel School District. And even when he tried to start a GoFundMe campaign, it was quickly deactivated, with just $50 raised.

28 May 2020

Two construction workers and seniors at the Legacy Christian Academy in Bethel, Minnesota, posted this picture of their George Floyd Challenge, saying “Ivan said he can fully breathe with all my weight on his neck”.

Shade Tree Construction’s owner Mark Strandlund was forced to publicly fire both workers, one of whom was his own sonHousing First Minnesota dropped Shade Tree Construction as a member anyway.

They were later identified as Ivan Fields (the man on the ground), and Austin Strandlund (owner’s son).

29 May 2020

Two high school seniors posted a video on Snapchat performing the challenge, with the caption “Aw ging can’t breathe“.

One girl is seen kneeling over the other, who shouts that she cannot breathe, while they both laugh. A third person can be heard cheering them on, saying, “You can do it!”

Both students were forced to rescind their enrolments into the University of Missouri and the Missouri State University.

30 May 2020

Three English teenagers posted a Snapchat video of their George Floyd Challenge, which was then shared on the Warwick University freshers Facebook page.

On 31 May 2020, the Northumbria Police arrested all three of them, and are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

And it looks like they will no longer be joining Warwick University, as planned…

30 May 2020

Evan Rolla, a fitness instructor at LA Fitness in West Palm Beach, Florida, posted his George Floyd Challenge pictures on Facebook. He lost his job.

2 June 2020

Two English men from north-east Fife posted this picture on Snapchat, with the caption “George floyd challenge 2020“. One of them was arrested by Police Scotland the next day.

2 June 2020

Two students from the Gray Stone Day School (Grades 6-12) posted this picture on Snapchat, with the caption “george floyd challenge“.

On 4 June 2020, the school posted this statement (partial) :

This post and others like it are clear acts of hate and racism that are without question unacceptable. While this did occur outside of the school, we have a moral obligation to hold students to a higher standard.

We are appalled by this, and we will adhere to legal guidelines for public schools as they relate to the discipline of a minor.

4 June 2020

This couple posted their version of the challenge on Facebook, with the man actually wearing a blue I Can’t Breathe t-shirt!

Paula McGuigan initially claimed she was hacked, but later removed her Facebook page and apologised for posting the picture :

I know that there was a Facebook post with me in it and I can see how t his truly looks disrespectful to the death of George Floyd.

This was 100% not the intent of this post. I would never disrespect the death of any innocent person no matter what their race is.

Hien is Asian and we were trying to say that Asian Lives matter as do all races. I look at the post and am so remorseful that this was done. I 100% stand f or justice and equality for all walks of life.

Again my deepest apologies and regrets for this poor taste post. A lesson very well learned that sometimes what we are trying to say does not come across.

4 June 2020

These two racist fools were identified as Sergio Gomez and Alejandro Taranzo, both students of the University of Maryland (UMD), which quickly responded on Friday, 5 May 2020 :

We learned via social media of two individuals who reenacted the unacceptable and tragic death of George Floyd. We are outraged and condemn these actions and images in no uncertain terms. The individuals involved were immediately referred to the Office of Student Conduct.


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