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The German Police March Against The ECB Hoax!

Conspiracy theorists claim that German police officers marched against the Rothschild European Central Bank, showing a picture of German police officers marching.

But as usual, it’s nothing more than another LIE by these crackpots. We will prove it, and share with you the TRUE STORY behind the photo they posted!


Did The German Police March Against The Rothschild Bank?

The problem with conspiracy theorists is that they see lies everywhere except where lies really exist.

Look at this example in which they misappropriated this photo, claiming that it shows German police officers marching with German protestors against the European Central Bank, which they further allege is “owned” by the Rothschild family.

The newer version of this post actually insinuates that this incident happened recently, and suggest that American law officers should also join in protests of the US Federal Reserve, which is the American equivalent of the European Central Bank.

Did These German Police Officers March Against The Rothschilds?

The truth is this is a 2012 photo of German police officers in Frankfurt making sure the Occupy Frankfurt protest march at that time did not get out of hand.

They were not wearing their helmets because it was unusually warm at that time and there was no immediate threat. Taking off their helmets also made them appear less threatening, helping to keep things peaceful during the march.

Note their heavy presence and the fact that they brought their riot gear with them. These same officers actually evicted and/or arrested some 400 protestors at the Occupy Frankfurt camp a few days earlier.


Did The German Police March At Blockupy 2015?

Although this hoax was first circulated in 2012, it has resurfaced due to the Blockupy protests in Frankfurt, Germany on the 18th of March, 2015.

Again, conspiracy theorists claimed that the German police were marching in the Blockupy protests against the Rothschild-controlled European Central bank.

The truth was the Frankfurt police officers arrested 350 protestors who torched cars, threw stones at the police and set tyres on fire. Take a look at his tweet by the Polizei Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Polizei arrests 350 people at Blockupy 2015

So yes, conspiracy theorists… you guys #FAIL yet again. Can you all please just stick to the truth, instead of creating lies that you rail against all the time? Stop being such hypocrites.


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