Ghana Movie Posters vs Actual Movie Posters!

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Ghana movie posters are FAMOUS for their incredibly garish and exaggerated take on the movies they try to portray!

Let’s take a look at some of the best Ghana movie posters and compare them to the actual movie posters. Tell us which YOU prefer! 😀


Ghana Movie Posters : What’s The Deal?

The famous hand-painted Ghana movie posters started in the 1980s, when makeshift (bootleg) mobile cinemas became popular.

To attract viewers, these intrepid entrepreneurs needed to advertise their movies, but they had one big problem – they did not have access to the original movie posters, or printing presses.

Ghana Movie Posters vs Actual Movie Posters!

So they commissioned local artists to hand-paint movie posters on large, used flour sacks. Since the emphasis was to attract people, these artists often took creative licence in creating their works of art.

They often made the posters look as dramatic (read : crazy) as possible, even adding weapons, characters and scenes from other movies.

No wonder they now enjoy a cult following, with some original posters going for thousands of dollars!


Ghana Movie Posters vs Actual Movie Posters!

Here are some of the best Ghana movie posters, and the actual movie posters you may recall. Tell us which you prefer!

A Nightmare On Elm Street (Makosa Nima)

Freddy, the pickaxe killer!

A Nightmare On Elm Street - Ghana movie poster

Alien (007 Video Teshie)

Ridley twins get a bukkake?

Alien - Ghana movie poster compared

E.T. (Manso Video Mamobi)

E.T marries Michael Jackson, and they have a family of Aliens.

ET - Ghana movie poster compared

Ghost Dog (Manso Video Mamobi)

Ghost Dog takes on Evil Dogs, and Forest Whitaker with a katana and laser eyes!

Ghost Dog - Ghana movie poster compared

Indiana Jones (Slyfox Video At-Nkwanta)

Indiana Jones was not as exciting as King Solomon’s Mines, apparently!

Indiana Jones - Ghana movie poster compared

Jurassic Park (Salvation Art Teshie)

I’m not sure which is scarier – dinosaurs that have octopus-like tongues, or Laura Dern hugging a giant Jeff Goldblum!

Jurassic Park - Ghana movie poster compared

Mission Impossible (Manso Video Mamobi)

The Chinese version of Mission Impossible.

Mission Impossible - Ghana movie poster compared

Mrs Doubtfire

Mrs Doubtfire, killer housekeeper!

Mrs Doubtfire - Ghana movie poster compared

Predator (Royal Gate Ash)

How Bill Duke (Mac) lost his fingers on the first day of shooting…

Predator - Ghana movie poster compared

Sister Act

Deloris Wilson, undercover nun!

Sister Act - Ghana movie poster compared

Space Jam

Yes, kids, that’s how you play basketball – you try to shoot your opponents as you dribble the ball!

Space Jam - Ghana movie poster compared

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Tina Tana Nima)

The heroes in a half shell meets Rawhead Rex!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Ghana movie poster compared

The Thing

Severus Snape / John Wick takes on head-swapping alien!

The Thing - Ghana movie poster compared


The next evolution of Black Panther!

X-Men - Ghana movie poster compared


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