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No, Girls Cannot Get Pregnant By Swimming With Boys!

Sitti Hikmawatty, an Indonesian Child Protection Commissioner, recently claimed that girls can get pregnant by swimming with boys with “an especially strong type of male sperm“.

We will share with you why it is impossible for girls to get pregnant while swimming, even if boys with really “strong” sperm ejaculate into the pool!


Sitti Hikmawatty : Girls Can Get Pregnant By Swimming With Boys

The TribunJakarta (which we do NOT recommend visiting because of the dangerous ads they load), recently reported that Sitti Hikmawatty claimed that girls can get pregnant from swimming in the same pool with boys.

Sitti, an Indonesian Child Protection Commissioner (KPAI) in charge of Health, Narcotics, Psychotropics and Additive Nutrients (NAPZA) used that as an example of an indirect pregnancy.

Pertemuan yang tidak langsung misalnya, ada sebuah mediasi di kolam renang. Ada jenis sperma tertentu yang sangat kuat.

Walaupun tidak terjadi penetrasi, tapi ada pria terangsan dan mengeluarkan sperma, data berindikasi hamil.

Kalau perempuannya sedang fase subur, itu bisa saja terjadi. Kan tidak ada yang tahu bagaimana pria-pria di kolam renang kalau lihat perempuan.

Here is our English translation :

Indirect pregnancies can occur through a swimming pool. There are sperm types that are very strong.

Even though there is no penetration, but young boys can get sexually aroused and ejaculate, resulting in pregnancies.

It commonly happens when the girls are in the fertile phase. As if you don’t know how young men in swimming pools behave when they see girls.

Sitti claims that her opinion was based on the findings of an overseas journal.


No, Girls Cannot Get Pregnant By Swimming With Boys!

We actually wrote an article debunking this very nonsense earlier – Why You Can’t Get Pregnant From Sperm In Swimming Pools.

But here is a summary of how that urban legend was created, and why it is really impossible for girls to get pregnant by swimming with boys!

Pregnant By Swimming : The Origin

The urban legend and hysteria about girls getting pregnant by swimming with boys started with the 2009 lawsuit by a Polish mother, Magdalena Kwiatkowska, against an Egyptian hotel.

She alleged that her 13-year old daughter got pregnant by “stray sperm after taking a dip in the hotel’s mixed pool“.

Photo credit : PEGym

Sperm Are Delicate Little Buggers!

Sperm cells are delicate, and easily destroyed or damaged by changes in pH, temperature, chemicals, exposure, etc.

That’s why the bulk of an ejaculate is made up of seminal plasma, fructose and other substances – all designed to protect the sperm cells against the hostile environment of a female vagina.

Sperm that are ejaculated into a swimming pool immediately lose those protective fluids, and literally killed by the lower temperature and the chlorine or bromine in the water.

Photo credit : Flingstress

Sperm Are Not Homing Torpedos!

They may look like homing torpedoes, but they do not travel in a straight line or even in the same direction.

While they may chemical receptions to help them “home” onto the egg in the home stretch, for most part – they just move around randomly.

Like the men who ejaculated them, they don’t ask for directions, and most end up going around in circles, end up in the wrong Fallopian tube, or get flushed out of the vagina.

Sperm Are Slower Than Snails!

Sperm cells also move at a very sedate 1-4 mm per minute. That’s a maximum speed of 24 centimetres or 9.5 inches per hour, and even that maximum speed erodes with time and changes in pH, temperature and the environment.

It would take 208 hours or just over 8.5 days for a very athletic sperm cell in ideal conditions to swim the length of a standard swimming pool.

Sperm Cannot Pass Through Barriers!

Even if a boy ejaculates right next to a girl’s crotch in a swimming pool, the sperm cells would have to drill through the water-soaked swimwear, and the girl’s closed labia. Beyond that is the hostile environment of the vagina.

There is no way for any sperm cell in a swimming pool to get through two physical barriers and survive a chemical barrier.

That’s why human sexual reproduction involves penetrative sex using a penis to deliver the sperm deep inside the vagina.

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