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The GMO Egg vs. Organic Egg Comparison Debunked!

Natural food “warriors” keep sharing a comparison of a GMO egg versus an organic egg, to show everyone how bad GMO eggs are… and how to identify an evil GMO egg.

But guess what – there’s no such thing as a GMO egg. Let us show you why!


The GMO Egg vs. Organic Egg Comparison

A Big Organic public service announcement called “How to tell the difference between an organic egg and a GMO egg” has gone viral… again.

It was originally posted on September 30, 2015. But a year later, their post went viral again. Time and time again, people would start sharing it and it would go viral again.

Concerned Internet “food warriors” keep using this picture to warn people about bad GMO eggs, and how to check for a GMO egg.

Many of them have probably also discovered that the organic or free-range eggs they bought from the organic store exhibit the same greyish discolouration of the yolk.

Oh pandemonium! Have their favourite organic stores been selling them fake GMO eggs? Have they been feeding their family toxin-laden Franken-eggs all this while? Will they get cancer? Autism?

Don’t panic. The only thing at risk is your pride, because you have just been trolled. 😀


GMO Egg Does NOT Exist

There is no such thing as a GMO egg. Neither the eggs we consume, nor the chickens that lay them, are genetically-modified or bio-engineered.

But enough people have asked this incredibly important scientific question for both the USDA and the American Egg Board to assure the public that eggs are “GMO-free”.


Big Organic Is A Satire Page

Yes, Big Organic is not an actual organic food company. The name Big Organic is a parody of the alarmist labels popular with conspiracy theorists and “food warriors”, like Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Bank, Big Government. Anyone who spent even a few seconds to poke around would have discovered their true nature. 😀

Their Facebook description page, for example, lists E. coli poisoning as their product. Even their mission is listed as “All your food will belong to us” – a play on the famous Engrish phrase “All your base are belong to us“.

There are also hilarious references to a quote by the infamously obtuse Food Babe, and the “good times” when all food was organic and contaminated with dangerous microorganisms.


Explain The Grey Discolouration Of The GMO Egg!

The two eggs in the Big Organic comparison are actually the same egg. They only look different because the egg on the left is a perfectly-cooked egg, while the egg on the right is an overcooked egg.

Here is  a comparison of eggs cooked for different periods of time by Kristina the Former Chef. You can clearly see the yolk discolouration when it’s overcooked. It’s been described as greyish, greenish-grey, or even greenish in colour.

Colour of eggs vs cooking times | Credit : FormerChef

When you overcook the egg yolk, the iron in the yolk reacts with the sulfur in the egg white to form ferrous sulfide on the surface of the yolk. This usually happens when the yolk is cooked in excess of 77°C (170°F).

This natural and harmless chemical reaction occurs in all eggs, whether they are certified organic or otherwise. It is NOT a sign of genetic modification. It just means you overcooked your eggs. 😀


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