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Here Are 10 Ways To Make More Money As A Grab Driver!

Are you thinking of joining the ranks of Grab drivers? Or are you a Grab driver who wants to maximise your earnings? Here are 10 ways to help you make more money as a Grab driver!


10 Ways To Make More Money As A Grab Driver!

1. Automatically Accept A Bigger Cut!

Grab takes a 25% commission, leaving you with 75% from every ride. Did you know you can increase your cut to 80% from every ride, just by turning on the Auto Accept feature?

Auto Accept also makes it easier and faster for you to get the next ride, ahead of your competitors. That means you get to earn more, and earn faster!

2. Grab A “Per Minute Fare”!

Grab is introducing a NEW fare component soon! It is designed to ensure that you won’t “lose out” spending a longer time to pick up a ride.

In the past, a 10 KM trip that takes 20 minutes to complete will ear you the same fare as a 10 KM trip that takes 40 minutes to complete.

To fairly compensate their drivers, Grab will now calculate the fares based on both the estimated distance, and the estimated trip time as well. This way, you will get paid for every minute you spend on the road!

You should take advantage of the new Per Minute Fare to earn more money. Just turn on Auto Accept, and take on every ride! Take a look at the revised fare structure for JustGrab and GrabCar in Klang Valley :

3. Get A Time Booster!

Wahhhh!!! Did you know that Grab is not only changing their previous Fare per KM to Fare per Minute, they are also introducing a Time Booster bonus!

Grab drivers will now receive a guaranteed fare per minute during peak hours. If their trip fare does not meet this guarantee, they will receive a Time Booster bonus to make up the difference!

For example, if the guarantee is RM 0.55 per minute, and you only manage to earn RM 16 after driving for 40 minutes (RM 0.40 per minute), Grab will top up the difference (RM 6) so you will always earn the guaranteed minimum fare per minute!

The Grab top-up will appear as a Time Booster bonus on your job card. Isn’t this great? Now even the worst traffic jam won’t bother you!

4. Embrace Cancellations!

Many drivers are also afraid of picking up rides from further away, because they’re afraid that the passenger may cancel the ride, or just won’t show up… wasting their time, petrol and effort.

There is NO NEED to worry, because Grab will compensate you whenever your passenger cancels the trip! So let them cancel because you get compensated anyway!

5. Refer A Friend & Get Paid!

Did you know that Grab has a Driver Referral Programme? All you have to do is invite your friends to join the Grab driver programme, and get paid up to RM 100 for each referral!

On top of that, you will also get paid an additional RM 500 bonus, if you refer at least 3 friends every month! Yes! RM 500!

6. Get Paid Without Driving An Extra Mile!

Yes, you can actually get Grab to pay you up to RM 350 per month without driving an extra mile! Just let them advertise on your car, and/or accept their in-car branding projects!

7. Earn Even When You Balik Kampung!

Some Grab drivers are not aware that they can continue to receive jobs even when they balik kampung. Grab now offers Multi-City Jobs, so you can pick up rides in all available cities in Malaysia!

8. Get Your Monthly Petrol Rebate!

You can receive up to RM 22 of petrol rebates every month. Just become a member of GrabAllStars (GAS), and join the Grab Mesra Fuel Savers Programme!

8. Get A Discount On Engine Oil Change!

Another advantage of becoming a member of GrabAllStars (GAS) is the discounted engine oil changes they offer. Every Ringgit you save is a Ringgit earned!

9. Save Money On Car Services & Repairs!

The GrabAllStars (GAS) programme also offers discounts of up to 40% on car services and repairs. By reducing your car maintenance costs, you get to earn more money!


The Ultimate Grab Driver Cheat Sheet

Here is a great cheat sheet on how to maximise your earnings as a Grab driver. Click on it to enlarge and/or download the infographic!


Ready To Make More Money As A Grab Driver?

If you are already a Grab driver, we hope you enjoyed those 10 tips on making more money as a Grab driver, and share them with your Grab driver buddies! You can also check out their GrabAllStars (GAS) programme.

If you are ready to monetise your car and make some real good money, you can sign up to join their new Grab driver programme!


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