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Grab Malaysia To Penalise Riders For Cancelling Rides!

Starting 25 March 2019, Grab Malaysia will start penalising riders for cancelling rides, or making their drivers wait too long. Here are the full details!


Grab Malaysia To Penalise Riders For Cancelling Rides!

Grab Malaysia quietly updated their Passenger Cancellation Policy, which now includes a RM 3 to RM 5 penalty for riders who cancel their rides, or make their drivers wait too long. Let’s summarise the key details for you…

Why Charge A Penalty?

Grab says the penalty is designed to reduce the number of ride cancellations that their drivers have experienced, while protecting their earnings.

When Will Grab Charge A Penalty?

You will be charged a penalty if you :

How Much Is The Cancellation Fee?

The cancellation fee is between RM 3 and RM 5, depending on the service booked :

When Will Grab Start Charging This Penalty?

This new policy kicks off in the Klang Valley from 25 March 2019 onwards, and begins in other cities from 27 March 2019 onwards.

Who Will Receive The Cancellation Fee?

The cancellation fee will go directly to the driver. However, it appears that the driver must manually collect this fee.

If they fail to do so, Grab will collect the money, and they will have to contact Customer Support to recover the fee.

Can I Give My Driver A Low Rating For Collecting The Fee?

You sure can, but once your driver marks you as a “no show” to collect the cancellation fee, your rating will not count towards his/her Driver Rating.

What If My Driver Is Late?

Grab claims that a penalty will not be charged if the driver does not arrive within 10 minutes of the estimated time of arrival. Then you may freely cancel the ride without getting penalised.

Grab will also prevent the driver from collecting the cancellation fee if he/she was not driving to pick you up, when you cancel the ride.


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