GrabFood Satisfies All Your Local Cravings!

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GrabFood satisfies all your local cravings from nasi lemak to cendol! Discover more about delivery of your favourite food right here!


GrabFood Satisfies All Your Local Cravings!

GrabFood may have just joined the food delivery business 6 months ago but already they are making headways in the industry.

Thanks to the feedback and support from customers and merchants, GrabFood has great updates to announce!

GrabFood Satisfies All Your Local Cravings!


Double The Number Of Merchants!

In less than 6 months, GrabFood has doubled the number of merchants on its app. This has set GrabFood on par with other food delivery services in the market.

GrabFood now has a wide variety of local Malaysian favourites not available on any other food delivery platform. They currently include Village Park Nasi Lemak, Rojak & Cendol Mustaffa (SS17) and Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles, . Other famous household names like Baskin Robbins, Texas Chicken and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are also available just like on the other delivery platform.

GrabFood nasi lemak

Continuous Campaigns!

Various campaigns like “The People’s Pick” lets customers choose which food outlets would be featured on its delivery service.

Through campaigns like Bubble Tea Week“, “PastaDay” and “MurukkuCariku, Grab’s food delivery platform has introduced some of the latest delectable food outlets on its platform.

The latest would be the McDonald’s McNuggets promotional campaign whereby every McValue Meal order would come with a FREE 4-piece chicken McNuggets!



Closer To Klang Valley Customers!

With more F&B outlets on its platform, GrabFood has expanded the number of delivery-partners. It is also serving a wider service area.

Previously only available at Kuala Lumpur City Centre and the surrounding areas, GrabFood is now available in Subang, Puchong and Sri Petaling.


Guaranteed Halal Standard Of Food!

A 5X increase in its delivery partners has enabled GrabFood to establish a special halal fleet that serves ONLY halal-friendly food outlets.

This guarantees GrabFood‘s halal status and thus offers its Muslim customers peace of mind on the delivery of their food and that their religious needs are respected.


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